Student Council Hosts Annual ‘Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming’

The event provided a productive space and free snacks for students to study for their upcoming finals


Avery Schlattman

Sydney Strassemeier (10) works on homework after helping set up for “Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming.”

Avery Schlattman, Reporter

In order to help students prepare for their first semester finals, Liberty’s Student Council hosts the event known as “Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming.” Teachers stayed after to assist students with homework in the commons, and free hot chocolate and cookies were passed out for students to enjoy while studying.

Junior Allie Quirk was placed in charge of planning the event on Jan. 10. Quirk explained how her team worked to advertise:

More than half of the commons was filled with students studying. (Avery Schlattman)

“We made a couple of posters to hang up, and sent out emails to both teachers and students.” Their efforts put into advertisement did not go unnoticed, as the event had a great turnout. More than half of the tables in the cafeteria were full of friends working together to prepare for their final exams.

The cookies were provided by Ms. Pizzo’s culinary arts classes.

“It’s nice because not only did we not have to go out and buy the cookies, but it’s also cool because they were made here,” Quirk shared. 

The event gave students not only a place to study, but also an environment full of others willing to help, and ready to learn.

Good luck on your finals everyone!