Review: Crumbl Cookie In Cottleville


Sarah Clay

The four cookies that I chose at Crumbl Cookie.

Sarah Clay, Reporter

Crumbl Cookies is a popular gourmet dessert place in Cottleville, MO that sells mostly cookies and even ice cream. Once walking inside, customers are immediately greeted by the workers behind the counter making the cookies. Customers can order at the counter or a self-serve screen used to choose cookies and pay. Next to the order device are samples of the week’s cookies of the week. After ordering and checking out, a worker will bring you your cookies in a high-quality pink box.

Lauren McCain, a 16-year-old Liberty sophomore says it’s fun working there and that her coworkers are very friendly and nice. 

“It’s fun to bake the cookies,” McCain said. Her favorite cookie is the confetti cake cookie.

The outside of the Crumbl Cookies store in Cottleville. (Sarah Clay)

How did you get hired?: She filled out the application online and went in for an interview. 

Would you recommend this business?: “Yes, I would.”

What days do you work?: “They are very flexible regarding schedules I get to pick. I usually work 2-3 days a week.”

Is it easy to juggle school and work?: “Yes, because my hours are flexible.”

My Personal Cookie Review:

This week’s cookies of the week were s’mores, sugar, apple pie, carrot cake, dark dream, and chocolate chip. I tried four of them.

Apple pie: Not too sweet, not too sweet. Tastes like real apple pie. The crust is like a softer version of pie crust. Rating: 8/10

Carrot cake (Sarah Clay)

Carrot cake: Great texture, tastes exactly the same as carrot cake. The icing is delicious as well as the cookie. Rating: 10/10 (My favorite)

S’mores: I expected it to taste like a s’more but instead it was mostly marshmallow in the middle. this made me realize I would like a marshmallow flavored cookie so s’more was a bad pick. Rating: 4/10

Sugar: I usually like sugar cookies but it was too sweet probably because of the icing. If I were to scrape off the icing it would taste much better. Rating: 6/10

Overall: The vibe of the place is positive and the workers are really nice. The cookies are good, you just have to know which you like and to make a wise decision.