To Valentine Or Not To Valentine: What’s The Answer?

The real meaning of Valentine’s Day

Lydia Hamby, Reporter

February 14: a day for lovers, a day for singles. A day to spend time with family. A day for chocolate. A day for flowers. A day for love. A day for married couples. A day for family and friends.

It is a rule of Valentine’s Day that if you are dating someone, you must get your significant other something.

But Valentine’s Day should be thought of as a day to spend with your family. And love should be expressed every day. Most people would rather receive flowers and candy on a random day in the year rather than receive them on the one day that every couple in the world is going to inevitably receive chocolate and candy. Although it’s really special to feel loved on this special day of the year, there are other ways to express your love by making something homemade or having a non-Valentine’s related celebration surrounded by the ones you love.

Instead of showering your significant other with candy, chocolate, and more love than you usually would— treat Valentine’s Day like any other day.

According to a survey that polled 2,000 UK residents, 34% of people said they would rather be single on Valentine’s Day because it would just be more fun that way. Rather than being obligated to show love for your partner on the day of love.

Valentine’s Day may affect the health of those who don’t have a romantic partner, although sometimes it may be easier than having to stress over getting a last-minute gift.