Why Is Target The Best Place To Work?

There are many benefits of working at Target


Sean Bruce

Chloe Stenger goes home after a good day of work.

Chloe Stenger, Reporter

Why is Target the best place to work? Where to start is the question.

Let’s start with the fact that your starting hourly rate will be $15, but can be raised as you work. Let’s also not forget how nice the managers and workers are. Have you ever asked a worker a question and received a rude reply? More than likely not. We are trained on etiquette on do’s and don’ts.

When you are scheduled but something important comes up, there is an app called  which only Target workers can use. It gives you your schedule and also gives you the ability to put up a day you can’t work. Team leads are always very flexible and understanding. So when you are scheduled but can’t work, you can put it up on a board. It will pop up on the app and others can pick it up in available shifts. You just have to post the shift, and after that make sure to tell a team lead. They will then try and help you find someone to take your shift. You can also just ask around with other team members if they can take your shift.

We can’t forget the team member benefits. We have health benefits including a 20% discount, financial benefits giving a 10% discount to all Target employees, career benefits includes debt-free education assistance, and education benefits for tuition assistance.

As far as discounts, as a team member, you’re also eligible for the 10% Target discount, plus an additional 20% off a selection of wellness products such as fruits and veggies, healthy foods, activewear, and tobacco cessation products. If you have a Target REDCard you can get another 5% off. On Black Friday you also get a 10% employee discount and 10% off at in-store Starbucks.

It’s really easy to apply. Come join us at Target, and you will have the best day of your life.