Blood Drive Nets Record Number Of Donors

Drive raises school-record of 106 units of blood


Sruthi Ramesh

Ms. Strathman was one of the teacher donors who gave blood in the February drive.

Kyndall Stubblefield, Reporter

Despite a national blood shortage, the students and staff of Liberty stepped up to surpass its goal and reach a new school all-time number in donations.

The goal for the February HOSA blood drive was to have 100 people sign up, and they surpassed their goal with 128 donors.

“Our goal for the blood drive is usually around 80 units,” HOSA sponsor Mrs. Strathman, who organized the drive, explained.

One unit of blood is equivalent to one pint, which is about half a liter. This blood drive raised 106 units of blood, “which is the most we have ever collected,” according to Strathman. 

At any time, hospitals try to keep a 7-day blood supply, but currently, they are down to a 1-2 day supply. The United States is currently in a national blood crisis. The Red Cross says it’s the worst blood shortage in over a decade.

If you are inspired to help you can donate through ImpactLife, which has an office on Mexico Road. Make an appointment online and donate at one of the fixed sites or mobile locations in the area. If you donate, you will receive a T-shirt or an electronic gift card. 

“I really encourage all students and staff to do that because there is a major blood crisis right now,” Strathman said.