Main Bulletin Board Is Replaced With Newer Tech


LHS Publications

The three new TVs have been installed to replace the previous bulletin board.

Elizabeth Hamby , Co Editor-in-chief of the Ledger

With a newer school like Liberty, constant changes are being made to further enhance the experience of high school students. Just like the addition of the eagle decal above the 600 hallway, and the replacement of the showcase mural, drastic changes will keep continuing to be made.

Back in 2014, the former student council sponsor Dr. Kiely installed the bulletin board at the bottom of the main staircase to showcase important information. In 2018, it also began the hub for daily kindness challenges behind the initiative of #LHSKindness. This hub for information on sports, activities, and the people of the month, is now gone from the wall in the center of the school.

Workers prepare for the future construction of the once StuCo announcement area. (Elizabeth Hamby)

Student Council has replaced the bulletin board with three TV monitors that display important upcoming announcements. Homecoming is StuCo’s biggest fundraiser of the year, so those funds contributed to the renovation of the space.

“The TVs will be used to show information about what’s going on at school and everything that was on the board before just in digital form,” said Mrs. Shafer, the current StuCo sponsor.

The council is still in the process of working out the extent of the contents of the board, but will indeed be a long process.

As of Jan. 25, the wall was been painted and the holes have been filled, from the memory of the board. As of Jan. 26, electrical wires were installed and outlets are ready for the installation of the TVs. The area is now fully operational.