Wentzville Girls Lacrosse Kicks Off 2022 Season 

Players share their excitement of the upcoming season


Ken Schwandner

Wentzville GIrls lacrosse team chants their name in preparation for a big game.

Kaylin Schwandner, Reporter

Wentzville girls lacrosse finally started the season on March 1 at the Missouri Rush soccer complex. Everyone is excited for the upcoming season and hoping they improve not just on their own but as a team.

Freshman Lily Brown is excited to “get to know other players,” during her first year on the high school team. 

The team started off the season with a new mindset: “Effort, Attitude, and teamwork.” Some of the players shared their new goals for the season.

“I want to enjoy the sport more and not just focus on winning,” Chloyee Jones (10) explains.

Lacrosse IQ, which in short is how well you know not only how to play but how the game is organized and winnable, is a focus point of this year.

“I really want to learn more and get better at dodges and switching hands,” Cara Turner (11) said. “So that is what I will work on the most.” The team is always working hard as a group to improve.

The team is composed of three teams: C-team, junior varsity, and varsity. Every team will have its own challenges this year and players will find out the team they made by the end of the week. Brown says she’s, “definitely nervous, but I’m feeling more confident about my skills from it.”

The boys team have also started practicing. Their season started on Feb. 21. Like the girls, their season will go until May, with games starting in the coming weeks. 

The first girls’ game of the season is sometime in April, but the current date has not been set. Home games are played at Heartland Park. Turner says she’s excited to be, “actually working with these newer teams, and seeing what these girls are like in actual gameplay and how we work together.”

For more information please go to https://www.wentzvillegirlslacrosse.com/

For More information on boys lacrosse please go to https://leagues.teamlinkt.com/wentzvillelax