Track: Prepared For The Season

How do students prepare for spring sports?

Cameron Liddell runs a relay race during last years track season.

Jaxon Drezek

Cameron Liddell runs a relay race during last year’s track season.

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

Spring sports started up last week, including sports like track, boys tennis, girls soccer, baseball, and others. So how did students prepare for their season? Do students sit inside around all year and wait or do they prefer to keep training? 

Cameron Liddell, a sophomore, has been doing track for about four years now. He started track in seventh grade and is now in his second year of track at Liberty. Liddell decided to start track because he loves running and wants to follow the example of his dad.

“My dad did track in high school and I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” Liddell said. 

He prepares for the spring season by doing offseason workouts year-round. For workouts, he usually runs for about 30 minutes around his neighborhood every day. Once he is done running, then he likes to come home and lift weights for another 30 minutes until the workout is over.

Along with working out during his off-season, Liddell also makes sure to eat healthily and watch his calories.

“I don’t drink soda or hot chips,” Liddell says. He prefers to eat around 2,669 calories a day. His meals usually consist of proteins like meat or eggs, along with a side. Students should also make sure to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated throughout the season.

As for the track season, Liddell likes to run the 200-meter dash. This is a sprinting event where runners run half a lap around the track, starting at one curve and ending at the other. He describes how the dash is the easiest, his favorite, and the one he runs the most. Liddell also attends track everyday of the week after school, including Saturdays. Practices usually consist of around two and a half hours, and can leave students sore the following day.