Recapping One Of The Most Famous Horror Films

Scream was released in 1996 and remains one of the most popular slasher films of all time


Ella "Sunday" Armbruster

Ghostface is the masked killer in all five “Scream” movies.

Kaya Egeler, Reporter

Part 1

Warning : Contains major spoilers for Scream 1 (Scream 5 in part 2)

Scream 1996

“Scream” is one of the most famous slasher/horror films. The movie was released on Dec. 20, 1996, directed by Wes Craven (who sadly passed away in 2015 from a brain tumor). This movie follows five friends who are high school seniors. The movie starts off with its first deaths. Steven Orth (Kevin Patrick Walls), football player and Casey’s boyfriend, and Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore), the high school blonde and Steven’s girlfriend. You are then shown the main character/final girl, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). Her and her best friend Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan) had just made it to school and Sidney starts getting asked questions by journalist Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) about her mother’s murder that happened just a year prior. 

After that it skips to her and her friends talking about the murders that had just happened. Sidney and her friends were just informed about Casey’s death and it rattled Sidney since she used to sit next to her in English class. It then shows Sidney’s best friend Tatum, her boyfriend Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich), her horror fanatic friend Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), and the goofster of the friend group Stuart “Stu” Macher (Matthew Lillard). 

Stu starts talking about how casey was murdered in great details but no one catches on because it’s a horror movie and we aren’t supposed to know the killer yet. He and Randy start making stupid jokes and upseat Sidney. Skip to Sidney at home with her dad about to leave. After her dad tells her he’s leaving, she turns around and Billy is in her room. Billy and Sidney start to makeout but Sidney stops it from going any farther because she’s scared of what her dad will do to Billy so she makes him leave. 

A few days later she’s in her house and gets a call from a random number and thinks it’s Randy. She soon figures out it’s not him and makes a run for it when ghostface starts chasing her. She makes it to her room and uses her bedroom and closet door to make sure they don’t get in. Billy pops through her window and she starts to tell him what just happened when he drops a mobile phone from his pocket. She starts to suspect that it’s Billy, so with her suspicion of her boyfriend being a murderer (like any sane person would do) she makes a run for it. She opens the door and Dewey (David Arquette) was holding the ghostface mask to his face and scares Sidney just to tell her that he came to check on her and found it laying outside. She is taken to the police station after she tells Dewey a.k.a. the deputy what had just happened and her main suspect is Billy Loomis, her boyfriend. 

The next day she is walking in the hallway during class and runs into Billy. She starts getting scared but pushes it off and walks away when the bell rings. Skip to after school Stu is telling Sid and Tatum about a party he’s hosting that night. Tatum agrees to go but Sidney is a little skeptical. After Stu tells the girls about the party, he heads to the movie store where Randy works at. They are just talking about random things when Randy sees Billy in the horror section. He starts saying how ironic it is and how he is most likely the killer. Billy overhears him and starts saying that it might be Randy and that his horror fanatic brain snapped and sent him to  kill people. Randy agrees and said that if they were in a horror movie he would probably be the main suspect, Billy smirks and smacks his face a couple times and leaves. 

Skipping to the party. Sidney arrives with Tatum and they are greeted by Stu who leads them to the living room where everyone is watching “Halloween.” After a while, Stu asks Tatum to go get them some more beers. She gets up and heads to the garage alone to get them. When she gets there she grabs the beers and turns around, when she does ghostface is standing there and locks the door. She thinks it’s some stupid prank Stu is pulling on her before ghostface pulls out a knife and slashes her arm. She tries to make a run for it but because she is in a garage she doesn’t have anywhere to go. She decides to go through the doggy door since it would take too long for the garage door to open. When she does though, ghostface turns the garage door on so it opens. She is then lifted up (still in the doggy door) and then smashed in between the garage door and the ceiling. 

It then shows us back to Randy telling everyone about the main rules of a horror movie and Billy just arriving. Sidney and Billy go upstairs to do the deed. Earlier though, Gale had showed up and set up a camera to see if she could get a story at all. After Randy is done explaining the rules, the phone starts to ring and he tells everyone that Principal Himbry was just killed. Most of the people there leave to see the body and that leaves just Randy, Sidney, Billy, Stu, Gale and her cameraman (Kenny). Dewey shows up though just to make sure nothing happens. Ghostface runs up to the room with Sid and Billy and come up behind Billy and stabs him. Sidney makes a run for it into the van with the cameraman. She sees that there is a recording of Randy but the bad thing is that there is a 30-second delay. Randy is still watching “Halloween” when ghostface shows up behind him and lifts up his knife but then hears something and runs off. When Sid and Kenny realize, it’s too late and Kenny gets killed by ghostface which gives Sidney enough time to run out of a small door in the van. Gale then crashes her van into a tree with ghostface in between the van and tree. Dewey is then stabbed in the back investigating the house. Sidney then grabs Dewey’s gun for protection. 

While Sidney is standing in front of the house with the gun in hand, Stu and Randy begin to accuse each other of being the killer. Sidney doesn’t believe either of them so she makes a run for it in the house to find a wounded Billy. Sidney lets Randy into the house and is then persuaded to give the gun to Billy. Billy (being one of the two ghostface) shoots Randy so he’s injured. As Sidney is about to run from Billy, Stu shows up just to take a voice changer out and reveals himself to be the second killer. 

Billy and Stu then corner Sidney in the kitchen and start explaining their plan to her and how they’re going to pin the whole murder spree on her father. They also tell Sidney that Cotton Weary (the guy who Sidney believed this whole time was the murderer of her mother) wasn’t the guy who killed her mother, it was them. Gale then reappears and shoots at Billy. Sidney then makes a run for it and taunts both of the killers. While running she drops a television onto Stu’s head and kills him. After that she is able to knock Billy out and Randy finally reawakens from being shot. Randy then says that the killer is not really dead and will come back for one last kill. With that, Billy starts to get up but before he can, Sidney shoots him in the head so he’s finally out for good now. The police then arrive and we find out Dewey is still alive and is taken to the hospital. Gale then begins to make a news report and the movie fades to black.