Garden Club Fundraises For The Growth Of Their Club


Elizabeth Hamby

Bella Tegtmeier helps to prepare the garden last spring.

Elizabeth Hamby, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger

Senior Kenny Henk, the president of Garden club, is eager to build and grow *wink wink* Garden Club, a quaint little club at Liberty. Recently he has helped to raise a large amount of money to fund the club.

The club raised $200 to support for the raised bed gardens they are planting and to uphold the hydroponic plant system in club’s sponsor Ms. Pizzo’s room. 

The fundraiser was sent to the faculty of Liberty selling various plants and herbs for their own enjoyment. There were seven different varieties available varying in price. 

There were portulacas for $16 that were sold in a 10-inch hanging pot, salmon-colored geraniums for $5 apiece, a slew of herbs: basil, oregano, and cilantro, caladiums also called elephant ears, and coleus. 

Last year, the club was in the process of planting a salsa garden, and Henks hopes to plant more in these gardens in the upcoming seasons. He hopes to have a wildflower garden, a herb garden, and some vegetables.

Henks also has plans to help liven up the Liberty sign in the front lot, planting with different height plants, and making it pretty for all to see. Every month he puts out an informational poster every month with a flower for that month. He includes what they like, what conditions they like, and other interesting facts. 

As you can tell, Henk himself is absolutely in love with plants and is wanting to study Plant Science at the Honor College of Mizzou.

“All plants fascinate me but I especially love carnivorous plants,” Henk said.

He owns multiple Venus Flytraps, one of which he has named Snippy Snappy. Last but not least though, Kenny is adamant about growing the small group of Garden Club and says “we will definitely need some girl bosses to help when spring comes around.”

In all seriousness, the club is open to everyone, and welcomes plant enthusiasts or not. If you would like to join the Google Classroom the code is 65gkodv.