Scott & Lyczak Elected To Wentzville Board Of Education

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Sruthi Ramesh

After a close race, Dr. Julie Scott and Katie Lyczak have won the April 5 election.

Sruthi Ramesh, Editor-In-Chief of LHStoday

Dr. Julie Scott and Katie Lyczak have both been elected to the Wentzville School District Board of Education following the April 5, 2022 election.

Scott received 23.5% of the vote and Lyczak received 18.17% of the vote. (St. Charles County Election Authority) As of 9:16 p.m., the results are still unofficial, but 100% of all precincts have reported their ballots.

Both of the incoming Directors will be sworn in at the next scheduled Board of Education meeting on April 21.

Scott and candidate John Kaelin were endorsed by the National Educators Association in mid January 2022. Lyczak was endorsed by Missouri Senator Bob Onder, which she announced via her campaign Facebook page.

Incumbents Director Sandy Garber and Secretary Schaper saw the least amount of votes at the April 6 election, with less than 20% of the vote shared between the two candidates.

Donald Looney, who was the only repeat candidate from the 2021-2022 Board of Education election, saw an increase of nearly 900 votes from the previous election.

Read Dr. Julie Scott’s bio here:

Read Katie Lyczak’s bio here:

Congrats to both winners, and great job on a well-fought campaign to the 5 other candidates.

via St. Charles County Election Authority

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