A Night in the West Egg

Liberty's second prom was a success

Chasteanne Salvosa

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A Night in the West Egg

Olivia Holler, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

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On April 8th, the second annual Liberty prom was held at The Christy.

Students arrived at 7 p.m. and headed straight toward the dance floor. As soon as they came in, they received gift bags containing a coffee mug, glow sticks and candy.

Everybody had high energy and showed their best dance moves on the dance floor and talked and laughed the night away. Seniors enjoyed their last dance together.

Prom Court was announced around 9 p.m. and seniors RayAllen Antoine and Taylor Stewart won Prom King and Queen. They were surprised and very happy to have this honor. All in all, it was really a “Night to Remember.”

Olivia Holler
Juniors Bennett Outman, Hannah Kerr and senior James Dotson strike a pose for the camera.

Students got down to the beat of the music.

Olivia Holler
Mikayla Ellis and her boyfriend take it slow on the dance floor.


Seniors Abi Fox and Alex Poteet enjoy a dance together

Students throw their hands up while enjoying the music.

Seniors Caylin Fuller and Elijah England enjoy their last prom together.

Juniors Emma Rudolph, Britney Birkemeier, Morgan Metcalf and Jenny Johnson get down at prom.

photo provided by Trotter
Seniors RayAllen Antoine and Taylor Stewart won Prom Court. Both were very excited to have this honor.