Student Council Welcomes 22 New Members

Student government has largest amount of incoming members in school’s history


Alix Queen

Tess Roberts held the spirit can at the homecoming game last fall.

Sydney Davis, Reporter

Student Council has a host of new incoming faces for the 2022-2023 school year, with 22 students entering the family. After rounds of interviews, the list of accepted members was announced via Instagram on March 18. 

Incoming sophomore Delaney Hilgenbrink said that the amount of dedication she notices in the group selected truly shows what StuCo members are meant to be.

“Everyone is different but each and every member is passionate about what they’re doing for their school and for StuCo,”  Hilgenbrink said. 

Grace Richardson, representing the juniors next year, mentioned how making the club means a lot to her. Richardson had always wanted to join StuCo but was nervous, so the fact that she made it makes her feel amazing.

“I joined StuCo because I thought it was an amazing club full of amazing people and I wanted to be included within that and help make the school an awesome place,” Richardson said. 

Ethan Weiler, a senior next year, brought up traits he feels make a great StuCo member. Weiler expressed that to be a good StuCo member, you need to be someone who is nice, outgoing, and willing to put in the extra hours, even when nobody notices.

My goals for my position in StuCo are making Liberty better as a whole, and bringing energy and enthusiasm to our school,” Weiler concluded. 

Many other incoming StuCo members have similar goals. Some students expressed their goal of spreading positivity, encouragement, as well as the message of just having fun. A few individuals had some remarkable statements about why they were excited to join and what qualities they believe StuCo members should have, like great listening skills, being all-around genuine, and showing upbeat school spirit. 

Incoming Sophomores: Brody Marino, Riley Torbit, Reagan Bone, Andrea Finklang, Annabelle Hargrove, Delaney Hilgenbrink, Jack Ryan, Myan Huynh

Incoming Juniors: Campbell Bahr, Grace Richardson, Jenna Handlan, Jordan Schwent, Ava Reidy, Alyse Gorman, Jack Gnandt, Carter Ashby, Haylie Aubuchon

Incoming Seniors: Colin Doniff, Ava Swift, Ethan Weiler, Janet Musangali, and Rynell Ipema