Wrapping Up Senior Year

On Friday April 29, seniors announced their plans for after high school


Rhett Cunningham

Seniors gathered for a picture during seventh hour for Decision Day. Many seniors wore attire of where they will be attending next year.

Kyndall Stubblefield, Reporter

Decision Day is a national event that happens around May 1 every year. Most high schools hold a day similar to this to recognize their seniors. Last Friday, Liberty’s seniors announced their post-graduate, many pursuing higher education. Seniors wore gear that represented their decision and signed a flag for the bulletin board outside the guidance office. 

“It really is for all decisions,” said Gerringer, who organized the event. “It’s not just for college-bound.”

Seniors announce their decisions for after high school on decision day. (Kyndall Stubblefield)

She was outside the guidance office at a table helping seniors sign their flags for the entire day during all passing periods. 

The seniors took a group picture at the beginning of seventh period with their decision gear and foam fingers. 

Seniors Molly Marino and Maddy Blakely both stated that they can’t wait for college.

“I am really excited,” Marino said. 

If you are a senior who still doesn’t know what you want to do after high school, Mrs. Gerringer is more than willing to help you figure out what you are passionate about.