College Comparison: Stay Close Or Move Far?

The Class of 2022 decides what’s next


Sean Bruce

Seniors have been thinking about what their next steps should be for four years, and now it’s time for the big decision.

Sean Bruce, Reporter

The flowers of spring have blossomed, and so has an overarching feeling of anxiety for the class of 2022. Yes indeed, it is time for every senior to plan for their first year beyond high school. For the past three years we have weighed the options of college, trade school, the military and careers and now have to declare our intentions for the rest of our lives. This seems like quite the daunting task, but never fear, I’m here to give you some pros and cons. 

Staying close to home for college is an option that most graduating seniors tend to choose for their next step. Local education provides a slew of advantages for the average college freshman. Staying close provides the opportunity to see family and friends regularly, makes the overall cost much smaller than out of state and of course familiarity. Staying in-state for college or even within the region of the country provides one with similar communities and routines to those we may have known at home. Staying local has its drawbacks as well, as all things do. Staying home could also mean that unwelcome visits from parents are a constant possibility. There wouldn’t be as many new things to experience in the business as usual college path and there wouldn’t be opportunities to meet new exciting people from different walks of life. A local decision would be good for someone who needs a more conservative financial package and enjoys being near relatives and loved ones.

Moving far away to the city of our dreams and leaving everything behind to do so. It sounds like the crazy ramblings of a child, but that childhood fantasy will be the reality of some Liberty graduates. Leaving home for higher education provides the chance to explore the vast and diverse country we live in, The move provides a fresh start to show the people you will spend the next four years left who you truly are free of bias and old history and you get to learn a new way of life and create new routines for yourself within your novel environment. However, going away can often be significantly more expensive than not. Depending on where you go, you may not be able to see your family outside of summer and winter breaks and you will most likely be completely on your own in times of need. Moving away from home for school would be a good choice for someone who is independent, self-reliant and willing to work hard to make it work.

Whatever you may decide for your next step, whether it be college or elsewhere, make the decision that is best for you. Your friends and family can always offer some words of advice but the choice is ultimately yours. Believe in yourself, I can’t wait to see the adults all of us become in the future.