How To Have A Safe Queer Summer

A short list of Dos and Don’ts to make 2022 Pride the best one yet


Sean Bruce

Saint Louis and Saint Charles Pride return after two years of Covid-19 shutdowns.

Sean Bruce, Reporter

It’s almost Pride season! June first marks the annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969. For two years, we have been barred from our community’s annual gathering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But finally, Saint Charles and Saint Louis Pride events are coming back in full swing. With all this excitement, we must also remember some helpful tips for staying safe and happy over Pride Month and summer as a whole.

Beating The Heat:

Water is Crucial: You may prefer to drink a soda or fun smoothie to cool you down during the summer, but be sure to have a water or electrolyte drink to keep you hydrated and healthy in the summer heat.

Ice Packs Are A Gay’s Best Friend: Heatstroke can come out of seemingly nowhere, and it ruins your entire day. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of extra ice packs or cold towels in your cooler or lunchbox to stop the summer heat from cutting your day out short.

At The Beach/Pool:

Summer-Proof Makeup: For all the makeup wearers who want to take their looks to the pool, check your makeup labels. Make sure you’re only wearing waterproof makeup in the pool or even during a humid day to keep yourself looking good all day.

Clothing Changes: This tip is for those of you who like to express yourselves in your clothing. Make sure to have a change of clothes that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin should a situation arise that makes you uncomfortable. This pearl of wisdom has been a lifesaver for me anyways.

Sunscreen: No, sunscreen won’t keep you from your yearly tan. But it will keep your skin safe for UV rays and sun damage. It’s a no-brainer.

Pride Celebrations:

Safety In Numbers: A commute to an event in an unfamiliar place can be quite the source of anxiety. A great way to quell those feelings is to invite friends and family along with you for a fun weekend at pride. 

Don’t Risk It: Driving downtown or to Saint Charles for a celebration that not everybody supports is not a time to take risks and give people the benefit of the doubt. Stick to your group and have fun together.

Steer Clear of Protestors: I know it’s fun to go see what funny things people’s intolerances have led them to say and do, but it’s only a chance for less than good things to happen. Never get close enough to let angry people hurt you with taunts and hate.

Food Safety: Buy all your own food and drinks yourself, Pride weekends are generally safe places but you can never be too safe. Water bottles that seal and cups that can be covered are preferable options to open containers. Stay safe!

Life 360: It may not be fun when our parents use Life360 to track us, but it could be a useful tool to keep you and yourself safe at pride. Creating a circle with your pride group is not only a good safety tool should something happen, it’s also an easy way to find your friends when you get separated.

All pools open on memorial day weekend. Pride Saint Charles is happening at the Family Arena on June 18. From 12pm-8pm. Pridefest Saint Louis runs on June 25th and 26th at their traditional Downtown Saint Louis. More details about events and the Pride Parade are on the Pridefest website at Event information for Saint Charles Pride is on their website at . Stay safe and have a happy Pride Month!