Hamby’s Farewell to the Publications Family


Sruthi Ramesh

Editors and magazine staff are captured viewing their hard work for the first time. The four magazines were based on the elements this year. This is the first time in LHS Publications history that the magazine staff incorporated a theme for all four issues.

Elizabeth Hamby, Reporter

First off, if you have any interest whatsoever in writing stories, taking pictures, or capturing moments in time, please consider joining the Publications program at Liberty.

As a reporter that was promoted to an editor her senior year, I have loved nothing more than writing stories as important events occur and stepping up for opportunities to grow.

Serving on the editorial team in magazine class has taught me multitudes about the real world like not everybody is going to like you and that’s ok.

I have been taught the value of deadlines and releasing news before it turns “old”, and most importantly Mr. Hall our advisor has taught me a beautiful lesson about control. I used to believe that I had control over everything, but now I know all I have to control is myself. I can control my feelings, my reactions, and my thoughts, not anybody else’s.

The thing about the publications program is you really don’t have a teacher. Students are completely running the classes from day to day.

See Hall is really just a mentor. He loves journalism with all his heart and this program is truly his baby, he has built it from the ground up these past seven years.

I am so glad that he gave me amazing opportunities, most importantly the one to lead my peers with my co-editor in chief Paige Bostic.

Bostic has been an amazing partner and she has helped create an immaculate playful and professional environment I couldn’t be more proud of the products we have made together.

I can’t say enough about the good this program has done for me, but I hope to continue to watch it grow while I move forward in life.

For the first time ever, Mr. Hall took the publications program to L.A for a journalism conference and it was one of the most amazing experiences one could have. I do not regret a single thing that happened there and I loved almost every minute of the trip.

I had another amazing opportunity to grow closer to many members of my staff and of other staff, and I know I am leaving Magazine in good hands next year. I can only hope that they will be as proud of their team as I was this year.

Thank you for everything Mr. Hall. You have instilled in me a passion that I could not have developed anywhere else. This isn’t farewell, I hope to see you grow LHSPublications.