Student Artists Are Given a New and Exciting Opportunity

The student artists may have a chance to draw the images for a new children’s book.


Alix Queen

Children’s author Cori Luigs talks to group of students on Sept. 1.

Ella Quinney, Reporter

Student athletes receive tons of our attention, from Friday night football games to the homecoming dance. They’re given lots of opportunities as well, such as half or full time scholarships. But what about the students who would rather draw a football field than be on one, what kind of opportunities do they receive?

Well, these artists could join the district art competition, but that’s about where it ends for them at school. Or it was. Mrs. Middendorf, one of our amazing art teachers, lives next door to local children’s book author Cori Luigs. Luigs visited art students here at Liberty on Sept. 1. 

Luigs is a self publishing author and she’s published two books already, Nate Saves the World and Boo Boo Mystery

In an over the fence conversation, Middendorf brought up Luigs’ stories, and started asking about her artist. Luigs told her that she just posts online asking for an artist, normally using a random stranger. That’s when Middendorf had the idea to use one of Liberty’s student artists to draw Luigs next storybook.

A group of students listen to author Cori Luigs talk about the new children’s book, and what she’s looking for in an artist. (Alix Queen)

“The only drawback that I see is for a student who is really excited about the opportunity, and maybe doesn’t win that competition,” Middendorf admitted. 

All of the artists here are incredible, and Luigs has a hard choice ahead of her. How will she pick one out of a dozen? Will this one artist become her go to? Or will she be back at LHS, picking a new artist for her future stories?

If you are interested in joining the competition please reach out to Carrie Middendorf in room 318.