New Chapters

The class of 2023 celebrates their first senior tradition: Senior Sunrise


Jayce Haun

Hailey Grenier, Jaylie Gibbons and Kira Radichel smile for a picture on the football field.

Meghan Lynch and Lilly Brown

Under a cloudy sky, a slight breeze filling the air, the class of 2023 officially started their senior year. The Class of 2023 met on the football fields morning of Sept. 2 to have their Senior Sunrise.

“It feels like the official start to senior year,” Jozie Davis said.

The Senior Sunrise is a tradition at Liberty where the seniors gather on the football field with many blankets while music is playing and watch the sunrise. There are donuts, coffee, and juice provided along with golden crowns for the seniors to wear. The Senior Sunrise is hosted by the class president Reese Ramler, vice president Rhett Cunningham and class representative Mrs. McFadden.

The weather for this Senior Sunrise was perfect. The weather was cool with a slight breeze but felt comfortable. Even with the cloudy sky, the sunrise was gorgeous.

Whether it was the early morning or the meaning behind the event, many seniors shared their feelings about their high school experience.

Emily Mesnier and Carlie Boucher pose for a photo (Jayce Haun)

 “Staring at the sunrise, it made me reflect on my time here,” Jax Drezek said.  Some said it brought a feeling of nostalgia.

“I remember being a freshman, walking in,” TJ File said. The Senior Sunrise symbolizes many things to these seniors.

To AJ Fruehwirth, it symbolized a feeling of sadness. “The start of my senior year. It brought into reality that this is truly my last year here,” he said. 

The final year of high school for these seniors has just begun. It’ll be a year filled with fun memories and traditions, and Senior Sunrise is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Our childhood is coming to an end but I’m excited for a new chapter of life,” Reagan Shelton states.

It’s the beginning of the end for these seniors, and they’re ready for it.