Seniors Bid Farewell As Bridgewalk Returns To Its Traditional Form

Liz Hayes


Alix Queen

Athena Widlacki, Paige Bostic, Mollie Banstetter, Lauren Maxwell and Avery Schlattman walk arm in arm as WSD superintendent Dr. Cain greets them across the bridge.

Liberty’s senior class walked across the bridge for the second time on Friday, May 27. As per Liberty tradition, freshmen walk across the bridge towards the school on their first day of school. And on their last day, seniors walk across the bridge leaving the school for the last time. 

After not having the bridgewalk in 2020 due to Covid, the event returned last year but was somewhat modified as the annual end of the year assembly was cancelled. This year, however, the event returned back to it’s traditional format. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and faculty cheered as the seniors walked in the gym to begin the assembly.

As seniors were released from the gym, they were able to see their teachers and staff members one more time who greeted them in the hallways and near the bridge.

Jaden Betton hugs Mr. McFadden as he makes his way to the bridge. (Sydney Davis)

“It’s a memory of our lives coming in as freshmen and walking and coming out as a senior; it just doesn’t feel real,” Deion Cunningham said moments after walking across the bridge. 

This day marked an important step in a high school student’s career.

“We walked in as freshmen and I thought it was really stupid, and now I came walking out and it’s like… leaving the school and I cried, I bawled my eyes out,” Ginna Counterman said. 

Morgan Brewer hugs Mr. Wheeler, who greeted every senior who crossed the bridge. Aubrey Kress and Carly Torbit follow. (Sydney Davis)

Mr. Wheeler said goodbye to each senior who crossed the bridge. He got emotional as he hugged and shook the seniors’ hands.

“It’s an important tradition we have here at Liberty. It’s hard to say goodbye. It means a lot and you know the kids… I hope it means a lot to them too because it means a lot to us,” Wheeler said. 

Walking across the bridge has been a tradition for many years, and will continue to be something that seniors can look forward to doing at the end of their high school journey.