Do the Super Bowl Champs Have What it Takes to Win Back to Back?

As the season kicks off, here are a few NFL team predictions


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Do the Rams have what it takes to repeat as champs? Or will a new team take the Lombardi trophy?

Craig Nickels, Reporter

It’s that time of year again… football season. With high schools all over the country playing their first games of the season, it has people very excited for the NFL season this year. This year could be anyone’s year to win it. Well, unless you play for the Texans or Seahawks then I really don’t know what to tell you. NFL rosters this year are looking crazy with so many things happening in the offseason. 

One of the main roster moves made this offseason was the Miami Dolphins acquiring Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs. This makes the Dolphins offense so much better now that they have two of the NFL’s fastest receivers on both sides in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Another huge acquisition was the Las Vegas Raiders getting arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL in Davante Adams. Derek Carr now has all the pieces he needs for a successful high powered offense.

Some people have Derek Carr above Dak Prescott on their QB rankings so this season with the Raiders having a top 3 tight end, and top 1 wide receiver, there is no excuse when Dak does better. Speaking of Dak and the Dallas Cowboys, another big move made in the offseason was star wide receiver Amari Cooper was traded to the Cleveland Browns. This move was made for the future of the Cowboys and now allows their very talented third-year receiver CeeDee Lamb to move into the WR1 spot. The future for the cowboys this season depends on if their defense can replicate their success with turnovers and if their offense can have the same firepower they did while Amari Cooper was there.

The current reigning Super Bowl champions the Los Angeles Rams, have acquired a very underrated receiver and provides depth in their receiver room. I really liked the pickup of Allen Robinson a lot. It gives Stafford another safety blanket. While they did lose OBJ (Odell Beckham Jr.), they got rising star running back Cam Akers back. Darrell Henderson filled in the vacant role last year and killed it. Akers is definitely a more talented back, but the injury could set him back as he missed almost all of last season. I believe Darrell Henderson will be apart of the running back committee that the Rams love using. Their offense is just as scary as it was last year and they are looking to repeat their success from last season. 

My prediction for the Rams is that they will go 13-4 this season and I also have them beating the polished up San Francisco 49ers in both of their regular season contests having them 6-0 in the division this year. I also believe the Rams have a very good shot at winning another one this year but it’s very early to tell. Should they stay healthy, the Rams have a very good shot at the Super Bowl this year. 

My predictions for the season are posted here, and if you would like to hear a more in depth look at what the season holds, be sure to check out our upcoming sports show on LHStoday.



Buffalo Bills 15-2

Miami Dolphins 10-7

New England Patriots 8-9

New York Jets 4-13


Cincinnati Bengals 14-3

Baltimore Ravens 10-7

Pittsburgh Steelers 7-10

Cleveland Browns 7-10


Indianapolis Colts 11-6

Tennessee Titans 7-10

Jacksonville Jaguars 5-12

Houston Texans 1-16


Los Angeles Chargers 14-3

Kansas City Chiefs 13-4

Denver Broncos 10-7

Las Vegas Raiders 9-8



Dallas Cowboys 12-5

Philadelphia Eagles 9-8

Washington Commanders 6-11

New York Giants 3-14


Green Bay Packers 12-5

Minnesota Vikings 11-6

Detroit Lions 6-11

Chicago Bears 4-13


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-3

New Orleans Saints 9-8

Carolina Panthers 5-12

Atlanta Falcons 3-14


Los Angeles Rams 13-4

San Francisco 49ers 11-6

Arizona Cardinals 8-9

Seattle Seahawks 1-16