Time to Be Real


Emma Carter, Reporter

Social media runs the modern world. The habit of scrolling and liking seems to be second nature for most of the population. There is a social disconnect between real life social media. This issue is being acknowledged by app creators, and has led some to designing their apps in hopes of changing the unhealthy nature of social media. One of these apps is BeReal.

BeReal was created in early 2020 by Alexis Barreat. A notification goes off once daily at a new time with a two-minute window, making the users take a picture in the moment and “Be Real.”

“I like that BeReal removes the social media filter so you get to see what people are actually doing with no filters,” senior Viance Malave stated. 

Many Liberty students have taken to the app due to its authentic nature.

“It annoys me when people post late, then you are being real. BFFR,” senior Laura Bonds said.

After the posts are made, a time is given at the top that tells how late the post was in relation to when the notification went off. This feature motivates the users to be on time as they dont want to be seen as “fake.” 

The following pictures were sent in by Liberty students and friends on the app. They give a glimpse into the app and the raw nature of being real.