Earth Club Sets Out Its Goals With First Meeting of the Year


Connor Smith, Reporter

We can all agree that Earth is important. After all… we live on it. And therefore we need to protect it. That’s exactly what Clara Walker is doing in Earth Club. Walker, a sophomore and leader of the club, practices what she teaches by growing her food and turning off the lights to preserve energy, even the nightlights to keep the monsters away. 

On Sept. 2, Earth Club had its first meeting of the year with a total of 30 people showing up interested and ready to make a difference to help out the community. Introducing and getting to know each other with big plans of service projects and fundraisers, groups members discussed the plans they had for this year, such as the school-sponsored 5K run/1 mile walk charity fundraiser being held on the LHS campus in the times of between November and January with a goal to raise $200 for charity.

Last year included such activities as planting new landscaping for the front sign at Liberty in April 2022, and some bake sales to donate to the rainforest which made over $120. The adviser of the club is Ms. Sandy Pizzo, who is the family consumer science teacher. Pizzo describes Earth Club as a “group passionate about our Earth as far as cleaning it up and keeping stability.”

Students of this club can say they are thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait to really get started with helping out. To anyone looking for something to do this year and are feeling the green thumb, then this is the club for you.