GSA Club Fills Another Year With Support and Positivity

The Gender Sexuality Alliance Club starts its sixth year at Liberty as a supportive and relaxing space for all


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Sun shines through onto a pride flag showing the light of positivity and unity.

Josh Deters and Cade Goins

The first meeting of GSA Club met on Tuesday, Sept. 6 here at Liberty to bring a supportive space to individuals of all gender identities and sexual alignments. Gender and Sexuality Alliance is going on its sixth year and with the first meeting starting off with already more than 25 members and with the ability to attend this club during school hours with the implementation of the new SOAR Time scheduling students that would not normally be able to attend now have a chance to be in an environment full of inclusion and high spirits. 

The sponsor for this event is Nicole Siman, the education support counselor for Liberty. When asked about the goals for GSA, Siman says, “To be a place of support for those who want and those who are struggling or just needing to meet friends, to be there in a ‘catch all’ kind of situation, to be as inclusive as possible.” As one of the school’s counselors, Siman expressed how having a kinder environment that can support all students and be inclusive is one of the most important things. 

The club is entirely student run with a committee of four executive members that are in charge of making sure the energy stays in a positive place as well as all the inner workings such as scheduling, social media, as well as planning events. 

A fun and chill environment that is full of expression.”

— Peyton Murphy

Club president Cario Roberson describes GSA as “a place where we can all come together and not have to worry for a bit.”

When asked about how the new year has affected the club and how managing GSA altogether Roberson replies, “It’s very stressful and a lot of time management and some things can be very pressing. However, it is very worth it and I am proud of what it is.”

The club takes place in a classroom during lunch and begins shortly after the door is opened where members are greeted and relax while the executives go over anything they need to for that day before enjoying the rest of the time socializing and playing games. 

Peyton Murphy describes the club as a “fun and chill environment that is full of expression.”

Many other members love the environment as it is light-hearted, silly, and overall a great time with the activities and even sweets that are given out. 

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance Club is a wonderful setting that accepts all people to participate in it including allies that wish to learn more about the community or just be able to hang out and spend time with lovely and kind people with welcoming smiles and hearty laughs.