A Different Type of Club

Group of friends starts a poker club at lunch


Will Rentfro

The poker club is in the middle of one of their intense games.

Will Rentfro, Reporter

The school cafeteria is probably not the first place someone would think of when they think of poker. But in my travels, I have learned that there is an exception, in a far corner of the lunch room there is possibly the strangest phenomenon I’ve ever seen. And this phenomenon is a poker club.

It all started when a student by the name of Bradley Hudson taught his friends (Payton Grotewiel, Lilly Brown, Tristan Keller, Megan Geisler and Logan Gannon) to play poker over the summer. When the school year started, Geisler had an idea.

“Over the summer Bradley taught me how to play poker and so when school started I texted him and asked if we should play during school,” Geisler said.   

This group of friends is just like any other. They laugh, they hang out and they just happen to play poker every day. And don’t worry teachers, these kids just play for fun, no gambling involved whatsoever (at least that’s what they tell me.) 

And in case any of you are wondering, Geisler seems to be the best player of the group as she wins the most. 

Overall, this group of friends are some of the best people I’ve met. Just observing some of their poker games has let me know how much chemistry and friendship these people have.

So if you’re ever in the cafeteria, look out for the poker chips and cards because they’re out there somewhere.