Student Council’s Car Wash Raises Money and Friendship

StuCo students bond and make friendships that can last a lifetime


Lillian Fister

Janet Munsangali washing a truck with a mop.

Rylee Shipes, Reporter

Student council students hosted a free, donation-based car wash on Saturday, Sept. 24 to raise money for materials not only for this year’s homecoming dance but also the tailgate, and parade. 

The weather the day of the car wash was fantastic. It was 82 degrees with hotter humidity and some of the people working the car wash got sunburned.

While raising money for this year’s homecoming dance, our StuCo bonded over cleaning cars. This event was organized to raise money and the students who participated found it to be a huge bonding experience amongst them. 

I think that we all bonded because we were talking and joking with each other the whole time to turn what is usually seen as a chore into something enjoyable and fun,” stated Janet Musangali (12).

Aidan Berry, Jack Ryan and Alyse Gorman laugh and work together to wash a jeep. (Lillian Fister)

There were 19 students in total that worked the car wash. They worked together and used teamwork to raise $500 that will go towards a variety of materials for homecoming. 

“Somebody came by and donated $100,” replied teacher Ms. Shafer when asked what the biggest donation they received was.

The team of students learned many things from this experience, one of them being “people are always willing to donate and help for a good cause, like if you tell them about what you’re doing people around her are almost always willing to help,” Aidan Berry (12) confirmed.

Grace Richardson, a junior, had a lot of fun participating in the car wash. “It let me see another side to some of my peers in StuCo,” she said. 

In the end, this car wash was not only raising money for this year’s homecoming, but also building bonds strengthening this year’s Student Council.