The Driver Era’s Last Show on Their American Tour

The Driver Era has their final show of their 2022 American tour in St. Louis


Alexis Cullivan

The Driver Era band starting with lead guitarist Rocky Lynch (far left), drummer Dave Briggs (left), singer Ross Lynch (middle), keyboard Garrison Jones (right), and bass guitarist Riker Lynch (far right).

Alexis Cullivan, Reporter

On Sept. 2, the band Driver Era was here in Missouri. They played at The Factory in Chesterfield. The Driver Era is a duo made up of two brothers, Ross and Rocky Lynch. You may know Ross for his acting, which includes some kids shows on Disney Channel such as Austin & Ally, Teen Beach Movie, and appearances on Jessie. You might also know him from movies such as My Friend Dahmer where he plays Jeffrey Dahmer, a known serial killer.

Ross and Rocky formed this band back in 2018 after success with their other band, R5. R5 consisted of Ross, Rocky, their two other siblings Ryland and Rydel, and their best friend Ellington Ratliff. 

While they were here, some students from Liberty attended the concert, including myself.

“It was amazing, life changing, very hot,” junior Kiersyn Roberson said. Roberson attended the concert and said she was about “40-50 feet” away from the stage.

After being asked about how it was seeing Ross Lynch, Roberson said, “It was the highlight of my night!”

Ross (left) and Riker (right) during their performance at the Factory. Photo courtesy of Sara Reth.

The Driver Era performed with opening acts “Almost Monday” and “Summer Salt.”

When asked if she liked the opening acts, Roberson answered: “They were pretty good, I started listening to more of their music later that night.”

Junior Mitchell Luker also attended the concert.

“They were very indie, not my style but they were ok.”

Both were asked if anything had surprised them during the concert, to which Roberson replied, “I’m surprised they didn’t play at a bigger venue. There were a ton of people there.”

Luker added, “I’m surprised he didn’t show off his abs, he usually does at every show.”

Around the internet and social media, the tour has been getting heaps of amazing reviews and applause from fans everywhere. After they finished up here in St. Louis, they are now on their international tour as of Sept. 20.  Their first international show was in Tokyo Japan. If you’ve never listened to a song of theirs, give it a try!