The Jeffrey Dahmer Series Raises Attention to Old Songs Involving Him in Them

One of the world’s most known serial killers’ new series has people bringing attention to famous songs he is in

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered on Netflix on Sept. 21.


“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” premiered on Netflix on Sept. 21.

Kieran Howsare, Reporter

On Sept. 21, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” finally arrived on Netflix explaining the horrors this man, Jeffrey, has done.

A lot of people have known of Jeffrey Dahmer before this small series of him came out. He was either known to be for his very odd childhood or he was known for the horrors he did involving other LGBTQ+ men. But since this came out and people understand him and what he did, they’re picking up on people using him in songs. 

Evan Peters stars as Jeffrey Dahmer in this 10-part series. The way Evan Peters plays Jeffrey Dahmer in this makes it seem like you’re actually watching clips taken in real life.

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960. He grew up with a graphic and disturbing childhood. Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad, played by Richard Jenkins, had a hard time bonding with his son. Whenever they did bond, it wasn’t playing baseball. It was dissecting roadkill in the garage. 

When Jeffrey Dahmer at a young age grew up doing this with his dad, he thought of what love is like and how you could bond with someone.

His mom, played by Penelope Ann Miller, never tried to bond with her son. She was arguing with her husband on most days about her substance abuse and how her husband was having an affair.

She finally had enough of it and took Jeffrey’s brother, David Dahmer, who seemed to be around the age of 11-12, since Jeffrey at the time was 17. She argued with Jeffrey saying how he never tried to bond with her and how he and his dad bonded was gross and she hated it.

Jeffrey had the whole house to himself since his mother had left for around two months since his dad was out with his mistress.

This was about the time he had gotten his first victim, Steven Mark Hicks. He would later go on to murder 16 other men between 1978-1991.

Everyone’s heard of Katy Perry and Kesha as they’re known for their 2010s music which was the peak of their career.

Katy Perry, who specializes in Hip Hop, released a song called “Dark Horse,” which dropped in 2013 in the album “Prism.” Now, Katy didn’t sing the part where the Dahmer lyric was written, Juicy J sang it. The lyric went as “She’ll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer.” In that sentence it was referring to when he ate his victims.

People didn’t speak up about it at the time since it was a hit song and radio stations were playing it at any time of the day. But now since the Dahmer case has brought more attention to it, people on TikTok are trying to get Katy Perry canceled for it.

Kesha, on the other hand, does more party music you would hear in a club. Her best albums are Cannibal (2010), Animal (2010), and Warrior (2012). 

In the song “Cannibal,” the line with Jeffrey Dahmer is mentioned in it goes by “Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner. Yeah I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Saying that she will eat you like how Jeffrey Dahmer did, the name of the song and how Jeffrey Dahmer was mentioned in the song seemed intentional.

Kesha and her mom have spoken out about it. They are both saying that the lyric was supposed to “relate to Kesha since now she’s getting all of this attention from guys she couldn’t get attention from in high school”. 

Trying to justify saying that the lyric was intended to be cute saying like if one of these guys that want me are too sweet. I will eat them. 

They apologized for it but claiming it wasn’t her or Kesha’s fault and that it was added in. It was the songwriter’s fault for just “throwing him in there.”

Dozens of other people have used Jeffrey in their song in sexual, graphic, or in a cannibalistic way.

People are trying to confront the rappers/singers about what was said and brought up in their song on social media, usually linking a song link to back up the evidence they have against them.

Some people are saying that it’s ridiculous to try to cancel someone’s song they made 5-10 years ago. Some are also saying that the songwriters should be held accountable for it since they wrote it.

“Popults” on TikTok has a short video showing more singers/rappers using Jeffrey Dahmer in their video, with the video coming up with 1.1 million likes and 10.8k comments after a week.


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