Getting Ready With the Ratchet Rockers

Take a look inside Wentzville School District’s Robotics team, the Ratchet Rockers

Xander Tracy


Xander Tracy

Aden Buchanan (right) poses with his teammate as they get ready for competition time.

Megan Geisler, Reporter

When you think of robotics, most people just think of robots and welding. Here in the Wentzville School District, robotics is so much more than that. Robotics is a club for everyone where you learn social skills, how to work as a team, and even the ins and outs of how to run a business. 

“Through robotics you gain exposure to topics more than just how to build robots,” junior Aden Buchannon, one of the lead designers and drivers, explained. Buchanan has been in Robotics for a little over a year and he loves every minute of it. 

The Ratchet Rockers Robotics Team is the official robotics team for the Wentzville School District. They meet once a week, for now, and once build season starts, they begin to meet every day.

Build season is the six weeks teams are given to completely build their robot and get it ready for the competition season. During these six weeks, everything is in an organized chaos as teammates work together to solve problems and create the best robot they possibly can. Ideas get bounced around as the team builds multiple prototypes of their robot.

Building the robot isn’t the only job you can have during this time though. Other jobs include design, CAD, programming, scouting/strategy, or business. If there is something you are interested in, you are sure to find it here. 

After build season, begins competition season and this year’s team of Ratchet Rockers plan to go far. Last year the team set numerous records and came in fifth place at worlds. Worlds is a big competition in Houston that teams attend every year for robotics. This year they hope to place even better and win the two other regional events they compete at. 

“We want to continue to grow as a team and incorporate all of the things we learned last year in order to build the best robot we possibly can,” Mrs. Deatherage one of the team directors mentioned.

As of right now the team is currently in their off season, but on Jan. 7 build season begins. Be sure to check them out on March 8-11 as they have their very first competition right here in St. Louis.