LHS Choir Shines in St. Louis Suburban Choir Districts Auditions

Ten students from Liberty qualified for one of two choirs


Mr. Carter Datz

All qualifiers except Payton Busselman are shown in photo. Front row: Grace Edney, Anna Wright and Kailey Lawrence. Back row: Connor Higlen, Morgan Feinstein, Victoria Grana, Kennedy LeMaster, Olivia Crone, Nora Foeller.

Josh Deters, Reporter

LHS hosted the St. Louis District Honors Choir auditions on Oct. 1 and around 30 different schools participated.

Mr. Datz, the LHS choir teacher spoke about the significance of the auditions taking place at Liberty.

“It gave us a chance to show off our school and our amazing facilities at Liberty, to the other schools that came around the area,” Datz said.

Ten students from Liberty qualified for one of the two choirs. There were 19 students from Liberty who auditioned which is the most from Liberty to audition so far. Overall, Datz was very happy with both the students who qualified and auditioned in general. The auditions that occurred Saturday helped students get into Honor Choir and advance to more difficult songs than they may sing in school. 

“I am really proud of how a lot of my kids did in their auditions, even if they didn’t make it, but I am also really proud of the kids that volunteered to help run the audition proceedings, to keep the traffic flowing, and keep everything running smoothly,” he said. 


All-State Choir qualifier Junior Grace Edney spoke about the  St. Louis Suburban District Honors Choir Auditions.

“Receiving the all-state audition was a huge honor and I’m so grateful that I get to participate in such an incredible achievement,” she explained.

Edney spoke about choir’s impact on her life going forward.

“Choir has taught me a lot about hard work, confidence, and dedication and I think that will make an impact on future accomplishments I encounter,” Edney said.

 Another qualifier, senior Payton Busselman, also spoke about her auditions for the St. Louis Suburban District Honors Choir. 

“It truly means a lot to me, especially my senior year,” Busselman said. “At the very beginning of the year, I was truly batting zero. And it also shows and reminds me that the work and preparation, not just for this audition with sight reading and singing in a different style than musical theater, does pay off. 

“Choir is truly something unlike anything. It’s very important to me, because it’s a group of people with unique vocal styles and experience coming together to perform beautiful pieces for people to enjoy,” she stated.