MLB World Series: Houston’s Redemption and Phillies Fight Back

Will the story of the Astros redemption conclude with a title, or will the Phillies take the win?

The grand prize for the World Series winner is the Commissioners Trophy, just ready for the taking.

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The grand prize for the World Series winner is the Commissioner’s Trophy, just ready for the taking.

Joey Brooks, Reporter

We’ve all heard of how sports fans never forgive and never forget. This is especially noticed when a team cheats and goes on to win one of the biggest championships in the world or when a player causes the benches to clear for a huge brawl. Baseball fans have not forgotten, and they’re willing to go to war with anyone who says otherwise.

The 2017 Houston Astros used hidden cameras to steal signs from opposing teams on their way to win the World Series. The live footage would be sent to computers that were located in the Astros dugout. Then, the Astros would break down and solve the secret code that catchers use to communicate with the pitcher. After that, a player in the dugout would then bang a trash can. The Astros would hit the trash can a certain amount of times, or not at all, to alert their batters of what pitch would be thrown. This sign stealing process that Houston used was only implemented during home games. Stealing signs isn’t against the rules, but using video recording or photography to steal signs is against MLB rules.

Many players have stuck with the Astros through thick and thin, such as Jose Altuve. Altuve is a unique player because he is currently the shortest player in the MLB. Jose is just 5’6′ but has great consistency and reliability. The biggest weakness of Altuve is his arm strength; he’s accurate but just doesn’t have the velocity needed at times. Houston also has another ace up its sleeve in a form of a pitcher: Justin Verlander. Verlander possesses experience and will likely be a future mentor to upcoming Astros. At the age of 39, Verlander is going in guns blazing, hoping to make a big impression.

The Phillies, in the meanwhile, were free of controversy. In February 2019, J.T. Realmuto was traded to Philadelphia. Just a month later, another star player Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies. They also acquired Aaron Nola, a pitcher with a solid body of work. The Phillies haven’t had a losing record since 2018. The next season, going into 2019 Joe Girardi was named manager and the rest was history. This season, despite a 22-29 record to start the year, the Phillies fired Girardi and Rob Thomson took over as manager.

Speaking of Bryce Harper, after signing the fifth biggest contract ($330 million, 13 years) in MLB history he has been spicing up games. Harper is known for being extremely outspoken player and generally being a hothead. In his MLB career, Harper has been ejected by umpires a total of 14 times. Although in recent years, Harper has been able to keep his emotions in check. He is one of the hardest playing athletes and will do anything possible to win. Last season, Bryce Harper won his second MVP award. He is arguably the most hated player in the entire MLB and on multiple occasions has been voted the most overrated player in the MLB.

Ever since the word got out about Houston cheating in the 2017, the team has been on a long road to redemption. So who will it be, the most hated franchise in the MLB or the most hated player in the MLB? Only time will tell.