Jimenez Returns to Her Roots

Student teacher Ms. Jimenez is working with Mrs. Braswell teaching ELA classes


submitted by Yamilka Jimenez

Yamilka Jimenez, a Class of 2018 graduate, has returned to student teach at her alma mater.

Kaniya Rheaves, Reporter

Liberty always enjoys new faces each and every year in the building, regardless if it’s students or staff. We always welcome them, but this year we have some returning faces in the building.

A student teacher, Yamilka Jimenez who shares a classroom with Mrs. Braswell, works with students who are in English IV. Jimenez went to school here and graduated from Liberty in 2018. She shares that she came back here because she wanted to learn from the best. She thinks Liberty is the ideal place if you want to go into education.

Jimenez says it’s a “learning process” when it comes to teaching high schoolers because we are more closer to her age than the average teachers here so some students might look at her as a friend more than our teacher. For some time now, she’s always known that teaching high school is what she wanted to do because they have more responsibility, humor, and are entertaining, keeping the day fun everyday.

“She’s awesome,” senior Jayce Haun said. “She makes a connection with her students. It’s nice because she’s younger and I can relate to her.”

Jimenez’s family and friends have given her a lot of support about her career choice and success in wanting to become an English teacher.

“They are so excited that I am becoming a teacher. I have a lot of friends who are going into education as well,” she said.

Jimenez is super blessed to have a strong support system around her during this journey. Overall, she enjoys student teaching here and enjoys some of the connections she has with some of the students in the building. We students keep her on her toes and she never know what to expect everyday but she always look forward to it.