Your Horoscope for the Rest of 2022

What do the stars have in store for you?


Elaine Thimyan

Learn how the Mars retrograde and the eclipses will affect you.

Elaine Thimyan, Layout Editor

09There has been a lot happening within the stars for the past couple of weeks. For starters, Mars went into retrograde on Oct. 25. Retrograde refers to a phenomenon where it appears a planet is rotating backwards, and this has been applied to each planet’s symbolic meanings. 

Mars is the planet of masculinity, action, drive, passion, conflict, etc. It can give a lot of insight into how you deal and process anger and how you approach your goals. That being said, when Mars goes retrograde, we can find ourselves in turmoil with the lack of forward movement. You might find it hard to become or stay motivated, you might be getting in more arguments during this time as well. 

Also in our sky is a lunar and solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is a new moon on steroids. A new moon is a time to reflect on the month and think about what you want to manifest and bring into the coming month. It happened on Oct. 25 in the sign of Scorpio, which is the most intense sign of the Zodiac. So, the eclipse dealt with a lot of release. What in your life are you willing to let go of to let in something new? What vulnerabilities do you need to share and stop hiding so close to your heart? These are the themes we will dive into. 

And finally, for our lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse took place Nov. 8 in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, so while a lot more grounded lunar eclipses are times of epiphanies, revelations and new beginnings, you could be finding out new information, and it may shake your world up a bit. 

Before we get into it, it’s important to note that eclipse energy doesn’t end after it’s over. Those themes and ideas last over a rough six-month period until the next eclipse occurs. 


Mars is your ruling planet, so you’ll definitely be feeling these effects more than others. Make sure you think before you speak because you might be feeling a bit more defensive than usual. 

For the Scorpio lunar eclipse, money will also be taking the stage. Find ways to budget that work for you. You need to find stability in all types of ways over the course of the six-month period.  

As for the Taurus solar eclipse, make sure you are paying attention to who has your back. This time is a good time to cut things out that aren’t serving you. Including finances, unsubscribe from things you no longer use. 


Retail therapy could get you in trouble during the retrograde. So, practice budgeting tips. Find the source of your troubles and find an inexpensive way to cope, like journaling, finding new music, painting or reading. 

For the Scorpio eclipse, your self confidence might decline. The moon merges energy with Uranus, and you will feel unstable, which usually bothers you. As you navigate through this uneasiness, remember sometimes you need to lose your footing to find a new path. 

The Taurus eclipse will obviously affect you more than others. Make smart choices about who you’re putting your energy to. Also recognize that it takes two to tango. You might need to let down your stubborn guard and hear others out. 


Practice patience while communicating with others and make sure you are really listening. As a sign that deals a lot with communication, your words could end up getting twisted around if you aren’t careful. 

The eclipse will also have you deal with communicating with yourself. Be open with yourself. Do no harm, but take no harm. 

However, sometimes inaction can do more harm than good. The Taurus solar eclipse could highlight your mistakes or shortcomings. But if you admit when you are wrong and take the constructive criticism, you’ll be just fine. 


Take this time to really get to know yourself. There might be emotions you have been repressing that need to come to the surface for you to learn how to manage.

The eclipse also highlights these themes. You love your close relationships and love serving them, but you need to serve yourself sometimes and understand what it is you truly want out of these relationships.

The solar eclipse will reach where the lunar eclipse falls short. You might start rebuilding your digital space. It’s time to get rid of those pictures of your exes and old screenshots and to unfollow people you don’t actually care to be around. 


Your projects will start to take a slower pace for the next 2.5 months, and if you aren’t careful, it could come across as impatience to your colleagues. 

The Scorpio eclipse will also push you to make decisions regarding your career or your future goals. You might be required to make a leap of faith and trust your abilities. 

The solar eclipse might leave you irritable. Make sure you are drawing boundaries with people. Having healthy boundaries can help keep you from feeling frazzled; just make sure you are being polite about it.   


Your career or future goals might be a place for reflection. Maybe the career you’re aiming for doesn’t align with what you want to be doing in society. Even so, it’s a good time to take a step back and figure out what you need to work on. 

For the lunar eclipse, themes of stability will be popping up for you. You might find yourself being insecure within your relationships, so take a look and understand what might be going astray. 

The Taurus solar eclipse will remind you that some results take time. Some goals will take time to come to fruition; manifestations need time to blossom. This is a time to show you are dedicated to what you’re doing. This eclipse will prove to be more lucky for you than others, but don’t get too cocky and take on more work than you’re ready for. Leave time to decompress. 


Take time to do the things you’ve been pushing off on that bucket list. It’s not all about the grind. There could be anger being building up from little annoyances and this will be the ideal time to find healthy outlets.

While Mars pushes you to find healthy outlets, the lunar eclipse pushes you to understand your thoughts and desires. Avoid tricky situations and focus on introspection. 

The Taurus solar eclipse will highlight deep connections and transformations. You’ll likely be filled with epiphanies, and you’ll find it’s easier to cut friendships that normally push your buttons. This solar eclipse will help you become a powerhouse on your own and be an energy to be reckoned with.  


Mars also rules your sign, so it’ll hit you differently than the other signs. You’ll find things in love slowing down and it might feel stale, but don’t worry. Stick it out. It will also be a good time to let your desires in your life be known. 

The lunar eclipse definitely affects you more than others, it is in your sign after all. This can also apply if you have a Scorpio moon or Mercury or Venus in Scorpio. You might feel upheaveled out of nowhere. You might be finding out new information within your close relationships over the six month period. Your choices regarding these relationships will bring in a positive change. 

The solar eclipse will test your limits on your balance in life. Certain red flags will arise in areas of your life that you should be paying attention to. Stop people-pleasing and remember that you are in this life to serve you. Make sure that despite any commitments you find, especially in matters of the heart, you are still staying logical as energy will make it easy for you to dream.


Your optimism can sometimes blindside you. Make sure you are pacing yourself in your conflicts that arise in your close relationships. You’re going to be re-learning how you handle conflict. 

The lunar eclipse will give you the push to make some changes to your daily routine. Routines usually stress you out, and you need spontaneous activity, so switch things up, even if it’s the order you go about getting ready in the morning. Old habits die hard but productivity will shine through. 

The solar eclipse will cause some brain fog. You’ll find yourself wanting to be productive but find it hard to start and stay focused. You might also find yourself going toe to toe with a coworker or someone you’re working on a project with. Take space and don’t confront it right away until you know what it is you want. 


As an efficient worker, you’ll learn what processes don’t work for your goals. Your productivity will diminish like everyone else, but if you take a deep breath, you can use this energy to learn how to go about being productive when you have low energy.  

The lunar eclipse is allowing you to give space for every side of you. Try talking to others, a new relationship could blossom. Your creativity could really shine through if you let it. 

The Taurus solar eclipse might leave you feeling shaky. Practice self control when you receive constructive criticism and remember there’s always room for improvement. Remember that your friends and family are there for you. Don’t throw pity parties! Keep your ego in check. 


If you have been avoiding your hobbies, don’t fret. Your creativity might need to take a break if you’re constantly using it for productive purposes. Instead, do fun things just because. 

The home is where the lunar eclipse is shining for you. You might start to feel closer to your family, or patch up some things. You’ll feel more responsible and have a confidence boost. 

The solar eclipse also focuses on the home for you. But it wants to remind you that you are a member of the family too, and that you have needs to be met. So take time for yourself while also making sure you’re validating the feelings around you. 


You’re going to feel nostalgic. You might also feel bitter if you don’t let yourself feel the emotions. You’ll be thinking about the times you held yourself back in an argument and just past grievances in general. Let yourself be held by the universe and trust that it’s taking care of you. 

You might feel overwhelmed over the next six months. It will feel like you are always working. Take a deep breath and pace yourself. You are capable of your responsibilities. 

The Taurus solar eclipse will make you feel more drained after socializing. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, because it’ll affect you later. Make sure your communication with your peers is clear.