How Liberty’s FCA is Impacting Students’ Lives

Liberty’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes is spreading God’s word and impacting students’ lives


Nicki Bruns

Students gather to pray, learn more about God, and participate in fun activities each week.

Nicki Bruns, Reporter

Liberty’s very own Fellowship of Christian Athletes gathers together every Thursday to pray, participate in different activities, and learn more about God. The outreach of the ministry continues to increase over time with about 100 Liberty students attending each week. 

During this school year, FCA has continued to reach many high schoolers. Sophomore Sydney Eilermann described how FCA impacts her week.

“I attended FCA so I could be more connected to God during the day, not just at church and my youth group. I always look forward to Thursdays, the whole experience just brightens my day,” Eilermann said. “My favorite part about attending is seeing all of the people at our school who love God, and just want to learn about him.”

Additionally, Eilermann explained why more students should consider attending FCA. 

“More people should join FCA even if they aren’t a Christian. You can still be a part of FCA and learn about God. It will change your life for the better.” 

FCA’s student leaders want to reach more students and spread the word of God as well. One of Liberty’s FCA leaders, junior Layla Thornton, shared her hopes for the ministry this year. 

Thornton also mentioned why she loves to lead the ministry each week. 

FCA leader Charity Edney leads the group in prayer. (Nicki Bruns)

“I have a passion for students and Jesus, and what better way to put them to use other than leading FCA. This is everything I love and care about in one,” Thornton said. “The best part of leading is having the opportunity to create relationships with students and teachers because we share a common love for the Lord. I also love having the freedom that comes with living in America, that allows us to talk about Jesus on school campus.”

FCA hopes to continue the spread of God’s word throughout the school, and reach more students. If you are interested in attending, you are welcome to join everyone in the band room each Thursday during Blue Lunch, where you can meet new people, talk with your friends and learn more about God.