LHS Choir Puts on a Show With its Winter Performance

Liberty’s choirs host the annual winter concert with select holiday songs


Alix Queen

Liberty’s three choirs come together to perform “Silent Night” at the winter concert on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Carter Datz

Josh Deters, Reporter

All three choirs recently held their winter choir concert on Dec. 13 in the auditorium. The night also featured a special performance by the Treblemakers, which is composed of LHS staff members.

The concert included various holiday songs such as “A Winter Ride” and “Bidi Bom” among others. The night concluded with all choirs combined to perform “Silent Night.”

Senior choir member Elaine Thimyan speaks on how she worked on her personal goals in choir since the last performance.

My singing has definitely changed. I’m better at sustaining notes for longer counts and using breath control. I can definitely tell my voice has changed,” Thimyan said.  

Thimyan also speaks on what songs she enjoyed singing the most.

“The song I’ve enjoyed singing the most for the winter concert is a song called ‘O Magnum Mysterium.’ It’s an acapella piece and it’s easy but it is so beautiful,” she said.

Sophomore Victoria Grana also speaks on the goals she has worked on since her last performance.

Choir director Mr. Datz conducts the staff choir at the winter concert. (Alix Queen)

“Since the last concert I have really focused on different dynamics and dynamic changes within each song. After rehearsing in class and on my own I feel I have accomplished my goal,” she said. 

Grana speaks about her favorite songs from the concert. 

“The songs I have enjoyed most learning are ‘Glow ‘because of the beauty and the flow of the song. Also ‘Coventry Carol’ because of the suspense it creates throughout the verses,” Grana said. 

Choir director Mr. Datz selects the music for the concerts. 

 “I usually start by picking music that I know will  be a challenge for but still within our reach. In choir our ‘textbooks’ are our pieces, and I use these pieces to teach music literacy and other concepts/techniques that I want my students to learn. Usually, a theme will emerge after most of the music has been chosen,” Datz said. 

Datz details the differences between the winter concert compared to the other seasonal concerts. 

“Our winter concert is more laid back/interactive, and we always end with a beautiful candle arrangement of ‘Silent Night,'” Datz said.