Election Time: Students Run for District Key Club Positions

Santosh Manikandan and Trent Stuerman represent Liberty in district elections


Loukya Vaka

Santosh Manikandan (11) and Trent Stuerman (11) are Key Club members who are a part of the 2022-2023 District Key Club, and they continue to go above and beyond by running for offices once again at this year’s District Convention.

Loukya Vaka, Reporter

Key Club is a global high school service organization where students from all over work together to complete acts of service, help others, and, ultimately,  make the world a better place. For years, our Key Club chapter has been helping our school and community through service projects, and members work in different positions and ways to help Key Club continue to run smoothly in the years ahead. For some members, their role even goes to the district level. 

“District Key Club is basically the state level of Key Club. You manage the different districts within the state, and you basically represent a lot of different schools throughout the entire state,” junior Trent Stuerman explained.   

Mr. Barker, a teacher sponsor of the Key Club chapter, feels that the members who become a part of District Key club are, “Amazing, it really speaks to their character, that they would spend their time freely helping other people. That’s the kind of young people and young leaders that we hope to raise.”  

Juniors Santosh Manikandan and Trent Stuerman have both decided to run in the District Key Club elections. Manikandan has decided to run for District Governor, while Stuerman is running for the role of District Secretary.

Currently, Manikandan is the Secretary of District Key Club while Stuerman is a Lieutenant Governor.        

Manikandan described how the District Governor “runs that state’s group, and tells the Lieutenant Governor’s what to do. They coordinate with the District administrator and International Key Club.”

The secretary of District Key Club is responsible for managing the old and new information of Key Club as well as other responsibilities.

While running for important positions like these is challenging, being in these leadership positions is a fun way to be involved and travel while carrying out important work.

“I think that it could be a good leadership experience for me, and it could help me grow my organizational skills,” Stuerman added.

Manikandan also explained how students being involved in organizations or clubs is important: “It gives you an experience of how to act in the real world,” Manikandan said. 

Mr. Barker has known Manikandan and Stuerman for many years while they have been both students and members of Key Club. 

Mr. Barker explained that students going forward and being in these higher positions makes him feel “so proud of them. And, it’s so scary because if you attempt to run for any position, there’s a chance that you won’t get it. Even though it’s not a personal rejection, sometimes it feels like that. So, it really takes a level of courage and willingness to put yourself out there that speaks to the character of people who are trying to better themselves, better the world around them, and take a personal risk to do it. I admire that.”

“Santosh would be amazing. He would bring leadership, communication, and dedication. He is very organized, he is someone that keeps his word. He also is someone who cares, and I think that’s a really important quality,” Barker said. “I think there’s a lot of people who like running in elections because being elected makes you feel like a winner. I think Santosh legitimately wants the work, job, helping people, and leading. I think that’s what makes him a good candidate.”

After three years of knowing Stuerman, Mr. Barker has seen that, “Trent is a motivated, intelligent, and talented young man. He also is kind in everything that he does, which is awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Trent lose his temper with someone, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Trent not try his best to bring his smile with him to school and Key Club. That is very much some of the qualities that make him such a good leader.”