The Parasitic App Known As TikTok

There’s a parasite that has spread all over, infecting nearly everyone. This parasite is TikTok.


Ashhar Khan

TikTok is able to do more harm than good, it’s trends leading to the deaths of Children, Teens, etc.

Ashhar Khan, Reporter

What is TikTok? TikTok is an app created in September of 2016 by ByteDance, this app was literally made in China, for the purpose of making short videos. It had become extremely popular in 2020 October, at the start of COVID when the virus caused panic and death. Some people sought ways to keep themselves entertained during quarantine and resorted to TikTok as a result, however, was it really the best solution?

Once the years started coming and going, although TikTok was used for its intended purpose it slowly became a shadow of itself. If you could compare TikTok’s good content vs. its bad content, you would be comparing a mouse to a T-rex. TikTok has started to gain a reputation for holding some of the cringiest, most disgusting, and borderline weird content on the app, not only that but the low-effort videos people would make which could get them millions of views, followers, and more.

All in all, TikTok is crazy, especially with its aforementioned reputation. Not only that but there are certain types of videos people make, which are downright outlandish and make no sense whatsoever. The good side of TikTok is extremely overshadowed by what people post on the app today, and it’s appalling.

These videos, ranging from weird to low effort, are what attract the younger population, making them interested in things that they shouldn’t be. The things they see in TikTok can give them the wrong idea of things, or encourage them to do things that will hurt them or others. Similar to a parasite, TikTok relies upon you. It feeds upon you and what you watch so it gives you the things that give you pleasure and enjoyment and tries to harm you by feeding you these short videos, the fact that they have a limit to these short videos as well, and what people do on them. It rots the brain.

There is a solution to this, however, and that would be to get rid of TikTok, go hold down the app and choose the delete option, be free. The more we watch these useless trends, the more it affects our generation and those younger than us. A prime example of this would be the blackout challenge on TikTok, a challenge which was forgotten back in 2008, revived in 2021 by TikTok where you would have to hold your breath till you passed out or “blacked out” similar to the name of the trend. This trend was linked to the deaths of at least 20 children, over a span of 18 months back in 2021, at least 15 of those were 12 years old or younger. 

Our generation is not doing good, with people creating stupid trends (especially the devious lick one), saying misinformative things, and more. If we’re to stop our generation, then we have to stop ourselves from being exploited by the parasitic app. We have to free ourselves from the addiction and false enjoyment TikTok gives us.