Steve Lacy: My Thoughts On His Top 5 Songs

Here are some of Steve Lacy’s songs that were ranked best to worst

Steve Lacy released his second studio album Gemini Rights in July 2022.

L-M Records/RCA Records

Steve Lacy released his second studio album “Gemini Rights” in July 2022.

Isabella Romine, Reporter

Steve Lacy is a Grammy-nominated musical artist who may be best known for his breakout song “Bad Habit” that went viral on TikTok before reaching the top spot on Billboard 100 chart. But “Bad Habit” may not be his best song. Here are my top 5 Steve Lacy songs.

1. ‘Mercury’

This song was a part of the “Gemini Rights” album. The song has a slow melody and a set of meaningful lyrics. It is about how hard it is sometimes to deal with romantic relationships and make them work, where you have several different sides of yourself. I really just love the rhythm of this song. It makes me feel inner peace with myself. It makes me feel excited for what is about to happen next in my life. Overall, I would rate this song number 1 out of all the others because of how good it makes me feel after listening to it. I could have this song on repeat for an hour and I could never get bored of it. What I also like about this song is the trumpets!

2. ‘Dark Red’

This song is a single by Steve Lacy, the song starts off with slow drums. It has a slow melody just like “Mercury.” It is a chill calming song when I personally listen to it. The song means that something exciting is about to happen as well as something bad. I would rate this song second overall because of the slow melody and how meaningful the lyrics are. The song hits really well when it’s late at night and you’re having fun.

3. ‘Cody Freestyle’

This song is a part of the album Gemini and it is written in a very proper manner. The song has lots of bass in it and that is how it starts off. Like all the other songs, this song starts off slow and smooth. When I listen to this song, I feel at ease with myself and I feel forced. I feel these emotions because of the slow melody and the slow beat. I would rate this song overall a 3 because although I like it very much, I personally think that “Cody Freestyle” and “Mercury” hit better when listening. When I mean it hits, I mean it gives me more of a vibe. This song’s meaning is about him missing a girl and using his silky vocals and his dreamy essence music in the background to create the effect.

4. ‘Static’

This song is called “Static,” and it is also a part of the Gemini album that he created in 2022. This song, like “Cody Freestyle,” starts off with heavy bass. In this song, Lacy also has silk vocals and it has a slow guitar in the background. This song to me is a little bit overplayed because I would hear it on the radio a lot and I would hear it from my friend whenever we hung out and it was just overplayed, at least to me personally. This song means and describes the details about how the breakup he went through and how his ex-lover struggled with empty feelings and resorted to self-medicating with ketamine as a form of escape.

5. ‘Bad Habit’

This song’s name is called “Bad Habit” and it started off as a single but it slowly got moved into the category and falling under the category of the album Gemini. The song starts off with a girl’s voice saying “I wish you knew you wanted me” and then goes into his voice repeating the same thing and slowly carrying it into the song. This song has a lot of drums in it and its meaning is very important to me because it’s about him biting his tongue which is his bad habit looking at this girl who is just so beautiful. He says, “I wish you knew you wanted me” because he wanted her but he didn’t know how to say that so he always thought “I wish I knew you wanted me.” Later in the song, they get together and it just is a beautiful song in general. I rated “Bad Habit” number 5 because this song was really overplayed as long as it was static.

Again, I would hear it way too much on the radio and I liked it at the beginning, but it was just really overplayed and it’s super overpopulated.