Making it Official: National Signing Day

Five athletes sign to continue their sporting career at the collegiate level


Sydney Davis

Aiden Kelly points to his coach in the crowd as he answers his question on signing day.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

Liberty High School is full of athletes in different sports. Some end their sport in high school, but others decide to make the next big step. On Feb. 1, five students made the big decision to continue their sporting career to college. 

“There is a big financial and time commitment for these athletes to continue their dreams,” athletic director Mr. Eldredge said.

At signing day, these students sign a letter of intent to lock in their commitment to the school they chose. At LHS, we have a unique tradition on signing day as each student gets asked a question or two that they answer for everyone in attendance. 

Peyton Braile got asked where he saw himself in four years. He said he sees himself going into physical therapy. 

Kara Gagliano is going to Benedictine for volleyball and got asked what drew her to that school. 

“I just love the area and all the friendly faces I saw,” Gagliano answered.

Emily Cumberland is going to be a stunt flier at Maryville. She was asked what major will be and she answered with occupational therapy.

Aiden Kelly is continuing wrestling in college. He was asked who his biggest influence, answering, “Coach Kevin Haynes.”

Matthew Craig was the last to answer and was asked why he picked football instead of wrestling.

“Wrestling is a lot of pressure and I liked the team environment I felt at Pitt State,” Craig answered.

These students are taking a huge step in life and will be able to say that Liberty High School has helped them get to where they are now.