The End of Disney Entertainment

Disney faces huge problems in the horizon of the company’s future from the changing of leadership to the new Avatar movie


Connor Smith

Disney is losing money, public adoration and credibility by the day.

Connor Smith, Reporter

Truly there is no company that has a firmer clutch on entertainment than Disney, to the point where the real question is, what isn’t owned by the big mouse of destruction? To everlasting properties such as Pixar, Marvel, 20th Century Fox and so much more, Disney has been one of the biggest juggernauts in entertainment – being one of the biggest multi billion dollar companies in the world. However this once powerhouse of a company faces dire issues that may spell out Disney’s end.

After the calamity of COVID-19, it hit Disney pretty hard, having to halt all productions and close off the theme parks for 4 months. This made up 55% of its own revenue, which became halted as a result. But now that that’s over and Disney can get back, they can no longer use that as an excuse for why Disney stock dropped 44% in 2022, making it one of the worst years for Disney overall.

With streaming services becoming more popular by the day, Disney+ has attracted and grown to 12.8 million subscribers, but in the process has lost $1.5 billion. This has resulted in the company having to rethink their spending costs. This really goes to show that maybe the reason this happens is that people find the content that Disney is producing doesn’t suit their liking.

Another thing that sends this ripple of danger is the changing of hands in leadership when Bob Iger decided to leave the company. His tenure and plan in Disney was to essentially buy every property he could find and slap their Mickey Mouse stamp of residuals. This plan has worked for quite some time, buying huge, well-established franchises like Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel and 20th Century Fox to add to their collection in 2009. However, as Disney is losing money, it was time for a change.

So stepped in Bob Chapek with a new incentive to rework the company around – better resources and make Disney more effective, leading to layoffs and firing of the company. To put it simply, if you aren’t working or the content that you’re producing isn’t up to standard, then sorry you’re out.

Obviously this doesn’t look good for many of the Disney staff who have relied on year contracts to basically sit around, just collect a nice easy paycheck and do practically nothing.

However, Disney was thrust into controversy after management’s lack of response to the legislation known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida. This resulted in mass staff walk-outs, angry tweets and social media outrage, causing Chapek to resentfully apologize for essentially being there. As a result, he was fired and replaced with Bob Iger once again. This has not helped Disney whatsoever.

Disney movies and shows haven’t seen much success as of late. Even the previously hyped up juggernaut of “Avatar: Way of the Water” became only the sixth film to reach that milestone in its first 14 days. Making over $1 billion so far, “Way of the Water” does not match its success as James Cameron announces that they would need to reach $2 billion  to break even.

Fans of Disney are getting smaller every day, losing interest and respect for its content. Fans ridiculed and hated on shows such as “She Hulk,” a show that many have referred to as “unwatchable,” and Star Wars shows such as Obi-Wan Kenobi have been called “a complete and boring mess.”

Disney most certainly is still a very powerful company. But its once perfected glory has been tainted and rotten, giving everyone the impression that Disney is in deep trouble. All we can do is hope Disney finds a way to get out this hole that they dug for themselves. Anyway that’s about it, so long and goodbye my friends.