Dedication equals Success

Grace Flinn and Emily Brockmann are top freshmen in tennis

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Dedication equals Success

Olivia Holler, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Grace Flinn and Emily Brockmann have been working hard to get where they want to be which is the top freshmen on the girls tennis team. Flinn is 3rd for singles and top in doubles. Brockmann is 6th for singles and 2nd in doubles.

Flinn has been playing tennis as long as 7 years and Brockmann has been for as little as four months – which shows how much effort they have both put into their sport.

“I have taken short breaks and then just kept consistent with tennis,” Flinn said.

They both have done a lot over the summer to improve their skills. Both have committed their whole summer to tennis.

“In the summer I took different clinics and did lessons at places like Vetta and Liberty,” Brockmann said. “Sometimes I practiced six times a week.”

Flinn has also put a lot of dedication into tennis. She has worked over the course of the summer and completed summer camps at Liberty.

“I loved being able to see how everyone else played, it was very motivational and positive,”  Flinn said.

They were very proud of their achievements and hope to continue the success.

“I love it, being a freshman – and being one of the top, makes me feel very accomplished,” Flinn said.

It is a big deal for these girls as well as their team. The team in general has made huge improvements this year.

“We have had a lot more girls over the summer dedicated that were in clinics year round than last year,” Coach Kleiber said.

Even though their season had just started the team will continue to improve their skills and make this the best season yet. The team record as of September 11 for the team is 6-3.

photo by Alisha Grant
Emily Brockmann throws a powerful serve to her opponent. Brockmann is 6th for singles.

photo by Alisha Grant
Grace Flinn keeps a steady eye across the court. She is 3rd on the team in singles.