Going Behind the Curtains 

A lot of time, effort and teamwork goes into getting the talent show up and running behind the scenes


Kylie Brennan

Students work tirelessly to put together a talent show for all to enjoy.

Kylie Brennan, Reporter

Every year, besides 2020 the year of COVID, Liberty has hosted our very own talent show. This performance is planned and carried out by Key Club with the students who have history working in the tech theater program. Students from both programs work together to get everything for the talent show going smoothly and gives us the end product that we get to enjoy.

A lot goes on backstage to make a show run smoothly. You have people working on sound, lights, spotlights and people backstage helping move things for each performance. Rachel Church, a sophomore who works in the theater as a stage manager for the upcoming show Bright Star, does a lot of technical work for the shows.

It takes about a week. We have to get all the acts mic’d up, program lights, and run through the show,” Church said. “So I have four days maybe.” 

Rachel Church sits up in the booth two hours before the talent show doing the final go through of the cues/lights. (Kylie Brennan)

Each person selected to work for the talent show was chosen for their past experience in the technical side of theater by senior Rhett Cunningham. Meghan Lynch, a freshman who has worked on lights for “Charlotte’s Web” and is now working lights for Bright Star, was asked to help with lights for the talent show as well.

Lynch, who operates the light-board and cues, says that the process is not very long but it has to be through. She says that she “figures out what kind of goes with the song, the mood of it and what colors to match up. If it is a sad song, it would be darker colors like blue or purple.”

The talent show is a huge deal for Key Club because it is one of the biggest events. Key Club helps our entire school, and is essential for the talent show to run like it does. Charles Giraud, a student who has worked lights in the past, is back working for the talent show.

“I think Key Club is a good group of people to do the talent show with because they have a drive to get it done,” Giraud said. 

Amanda Speciale has worked the talent show for three years now and it would’ve been four if not for COVID. They got their position in the talent show from Mr. Barker, having been backstage for 8-10 shows here at Liberty.

“I am backstage, focusing on the left wing/floating around wherever they need me,” Speciale said.

Rhett Cunningham, student tech director, works with Rachel Church before the talent show. (Kylie Brennan)

“I got a headset so I can call up to the booth if something happens and I can call up to the other side of the stage if we need anything and just kinda communicate.” They do a lot for the show, and do it well. 

The talent show is a special moment for people to take an opportunity to show their peers the incredible things they can do. Kaylee Skinner, who helps move things around behind stage during the show, shares why they find the talent show important.

Skinner says, “I think it is important because people can show who they are and express themselves.” 

Expressing themselves is something that everyone should get the chance to do, and the talent show is a perfect way to do so. Our Key Club and tech students make this possible, with hard work and dedication our show runs smoothly. 

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