Gracie Abrams: Up and Rising Artist

Gracie Abrams continues to grow in popularity


Hailey Davies

Gracie Abrams opening for Olivia Rodrigo’s tour on April 20, 2022.

Hailey Davies, Reporter

Gracie Abrams, 23-years-old, started her career by posting covers of music on her Instagram when she was 13-years-old. From there she took to SoundCloud where she grew a significant fan base. Abrams released her first single “Mean It” with Interscope Records in 2019. In April of 2020 she released “I miss you, I’m sorry.” This remains her most streamed song to this day. 

Fans of Abrams are awed over the lyricalism throughout all of her songs. In Abrams’ number 1 song “I miss you, I’m sorry,” she sings, “You said, ‘Forever,’ and I almost bought it / I miss fighting in your old apartment / Breaking dishes when you’re disappointed / I still love you, I promise.” Abrams’ fans listen to her for the lyrics just as much as the songs themselves. Abrams is also passionate about songwriting and poetry overall. She told Variety, “Every time that I write, whether it’s journaling or songwriting, I feel better after.”

Abrams released her first EP, “Minor” in July of 2020. With Abrams’ following growing, she was able to headline her “I miss you, I’m sorry” tour. She performed at 13 venues across America. On this tour, she played all of her released music and several of her unreleased songs that ended up on her second EP “This Is What It Feels Like.” Abrams’ first EP along with her earlier releases centered around experiences with dating and heartbreak. Abrams expanded from heartbreak in her first EP to her second EP filled with insecurity and raw emotions. Abrams is able to connect with her fanbase and the mental health struggles they go through. 

In her second EP, Abrams’ music shifted from being mostly about her experiences with others and more to her feelings about herself and her own mental health. Fans of Abrams feel like they are understood due to the vulnerability in her music. Abrams songs about mental health are mixed with a more whimsical, acoustic, soft production that is similar to Taylor Swift’s “folklore.” A huge connection between Abrams’ music and Swift’s album “folklore” is Aaron Dessner. Dessner co-wrote and produced four of Abrams’ songs about mental health on her second EP and produced and co-wrote most of Swift’s Grammy winning album “folklore,” as well as her 9th studio album, “evermore.”

Abrams has built up her spotify to 7 million monthly listeners. Besides similarities to Swift, Abrams also has a connection with pop star Olivia Rodrigo. Abrams opened with Rodrigo during a leg of her sour tour in April 2022, helping her build an even bigger fan base. Having and building friendships in the industry has helped Abrams grow into the musician she is today. Having these inspirations in the field helps artists to share the sensitivity of writing music.