Spirited Swimmer

Sophomore Emma Nolan swims year round to improve herself and reach her goals


Sophie Hegyi

Nolan swims freestyle at the first meet of the High School season.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

When a sports season ends, usually a player takes a break for awhile or starts up a different sport. But not for Emma Nolan. Nolan is a swimmer who swims year round.  

Nolan says, “I love swimming and if I don’t do it all year, I won’t improve the way I want to.”

Nolan swims for the St. Peters Sharks during fall, winter and spring, Liberty during the winter, and the Twin Chimneys Tidal Waves during the summer. 

“I like Sharks because it gets me better for swim, but I like Liberty more because of the friends I make during it.” Nolan explains. 

Nolan has many goals for swimming, including trying to obtain a scholarship for swimming.

“My biggest goal is to go to state for an individual event like 200 IM, 50 free, or 100 free,” Nolan states.

She practices three to four times a week during fall and spring, six times a week during winter, and everyday during the summer. 

“During winter break I practiced three times a day, twice for Sharks and once for Liberty.” Nolan told.

Nolan even started a new job involving swimming. She started working at Barron Swim School recently. She heard about the job through fellow swimmers and decided to give it a try.

Nolan explains why she likes this job, “I love that it involves water and working with kids.”

Nolan swims the 100 breast at a meet vs. St. Charles High School. (Sophie Hegyi)

She has been swimming since she was about 10-years-old and now teaches others to be like her. As easy as it sounds, this is a very challenging and time consuming thing to try.

“I have no time to do other things and it’s a lot of driving,” Nolan said.

It has also been challenging for her friends.

“I only see her at school, she can’t hangout with our friend group as much because she’s always swimming,” Caitlin McDonnell, one of Nolan’s best friends, said.

However, all of this swimming has paid off as Nolan made state this year and has cut tons of time off of her races.

“It’s good for my mental health and my happy place is in the water,” Nolan expresses. “I also love the adrenaline when I’m ready to start a race.”

Nolan will continue to swim for life and the pool will always have a special place in her heart.