Why Modern Movies Are Dreadful and Modern Audiences Don’t Exist

Has the concept of an audience changing its perspective of enjoying movies really changed? Or is it a ploy to hide writers’ insecurities and screw ups?


Connor Smith

We are in the times where movies are converted into a weird sort of platform for anyone to express their own insecurities and gripes with the world.

Connor Smith, Reporter

Truly when it comes to movies nowadays, it’s hard to find something that’s actually good. Good movies are a dying breed and aren’t as common as they used to be. No longer do we get epic and great blockbuster movies about great powerful and riveting characters. Instead, we are in the times where movies are converted into a weird sort of platform for anyone to express their own insecurities and gripes with the world, whether that be tearing down already established franchises and molding it into a mean spirited, politically ridden or an inconsistent mess that no one in their right mind would enjoy. 

The same excuse has been used over and over: “Times are changing, so we need to update it for modern audiences.” If there has ever been a red flag for anything, it would be this line. Now, the idea of making new and improved films sounds like a great idea in the concept. But the reality is in this scenario, updating it (less upgrading and more completely changing it) to the point where it’s unrecognizable and eliminating what made it good in the first place. 

It seems everyone is going crazy over trying to change everything regarding the way we make our movies and enjoy them. It is to where it’s no longer a medium to enjoy good and well-written stories and indulge yourself in a world of fiction. Instead it has to reflect our world today where imagination takes a back seat to political correctness. Something that’s only tarnished franchises and legacy stories in the vale tempt of propping the less majority in a game of narcissism. 

It all comes down to modern audiences: A made up word made by the people in the industry who are too bent on their own selfishness. It’s no more than a ploy to hide garbage movies and shows such as “Willow,” “Star Wars,” “Marvel,” “Rings of Power,” “Resident Evil” and more. All more terrible than the last. 

Instead of creating good and well written characters and movies, everything instead has to be turned and molded into what the world is today. Which is normally taking a popular IP and completely changing the appearance of the character. Normally changing male characters to females without adding anything new and interesting. Examples of this are “Ghostbusters” (2016): A movie so bad that no one wanted anything to do with it – not until some people on Twitter were actually coming up with the insane argument that if you didn’t like the movie then you didn’t support the female candidate Hillary Clinton who was running for president at the time. And if that isn’t crazy, it was actually working and people were believing it. Truly, natural selection is missed. 

Whenever characters are converted into females, they are turned into unrealistic overpowered Mary Sues who can do anything, and the only thing that is holding them back are those pesky men. No longer do we get strong, compassionate, compelling and feminine females anymore. Instead we are replaced with planks of wood with all the compellingness of a hobo downing a bottle of duck cleaner. The animated movie “Mulan” was a perfect example of a strong female protagonist. She wasn’t partially good at fighting and she was kinda clumsy, but after tons of training and hardship she gets better and prevails in the end. It’s a classic story of an underdog hero rising up to the occasion. Now, take the remake live action “Mulan,” which managed to get rid of everything that made Mulan compelling and turned her into an overpowered matrix-wielding badass who could totally beat 10 men twice her size and win. It’s just such a bore and not engaging. 

But I’d probably say men have been scrutinized worse. The idea of a cool, confident, competent man is seen as a bad thing, a terrible disease that has to be constantly bashed and humiliated out of existence. Examples of this are Daniel Craig’s James Bond, a character known for his masculine and powerful personality turned into a depressed and emotional meat puppet who is constantly moping around. Because the idea of being a handsome superspy is just such a bore. 

Overall, the idea of an insecure, fragile and young impressionable audience just doesn’t exist. Yeah, times are definitely changing and the kinds of people that we are today aren’t the same as people in the past, but the same core principles of our primal drives are still the same and will never change. The ideas that modern movies are trying to push are malicious and bitter. In a sense, it’s all gaslighting into believing that this is something good and not a vain attempt to rewrite and scrutinize beloved IPs and new entertainment. In a way, it’s just pathetic and stupid. People aren’t as stupid and naive as Hollywood wants people to believe.