Predicting 2023 Spring Female Fashion Trends

Top 5 predictions for 2023’s spring fashion trends


Alexis Cullivan

Alexis Cullivan’s take on what will be popular during the 2023 spring season.

Alexis Cullivan, Reporter

As we enter March, the rainy, sunny weather of spring is right ahead of us. This means as we move forward in seasons, our fashion moves forward as well. With the weather getting warmer, we start to move away from the long sleeves, pants, boots and coats into more short sleeves, shorts, tank tops, crop tops and sandals. These are my top 5 predictions for 2023’s spring fashion trends:

1. Floral print

This one is an easy no-brainer choice. Floral prints are a big staple of every spring. Flowers play a huge part in the role of spring to give us some hope that summer is right around the corner. Floral prints can be worn with a lot of items and can be produced on a ton of items as well. They are often printed on tank tops, dresses and more. What I would suggest though is to not mix floral patterns, they could come off as a bit much to some people and can seem trashy and outdated when the floral patterns don’t match each other’s colors.

2. Tank top bodysuits

Bodysuits have been very popular recently with a range of women during this past fall and winter. I’m thinking they will still be making a staple this spring as well, but with more of a tank top look instead of a usual long sleeve. Bodysuits are usually worn with a pair of jeans or a pair of flare leggings since they hide under the pants. They can also be paired with a jean jacket or be accessorized to seem a bit more proper then they may come off at first. 

3. Sun dresses

This one is another no-brainer answer. Sun dresses start to become more and more popular as the sun comes out more (hint as to why they are named that way). Sun dresses are another spring item that can be paired well with a jean jacket. They can also be worn with heels or sandals depending on what you feel comfortable in and what would fit you best. 

4. Flowy skirts

Longer skirts have been very popular recently more among young adults and teenagers. They can come in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns. They can also come in a range of lengths, from above the knee to down to your ankle. Flowy skirts can be paired with just about anything. They can be paired with a tank top and sandals, or a crop top and tennis shoes. They also provide some extra breathing room during the warmer months to let you catch in that beautiful sunlight. 

5. Bright colors

Since summer is right around the corner, I’m thinking brighter colors will be a big staple this spring as we move towards the warmer months and away from the colder, grunge months. Bright colors help bring out the many facial features and the tones of a person. Bright colors can be paired with neutral colors or can be paired with a color of the same group to create more of a monochrome effect with your outfit.