Jazz Camp Gives Band Students a Fun Summer Opportunity

Summer camp allows jazz band students a fun way to continue expanding their musical knowledge


submitted by Jared Houston

Students learn more about jazz style, improvisation, and performance at a summer jazz band camp at St. Charles Community College.

Josh Deters, Reporter

LHS band students will be able to hone their skills and learn from professionals at jazz band camp at St. Charles Community College from June 12-17.

Band teacher Ms. Magno speaks on why the camp is a good opportunity for the students.

“The camp is an amazing opportunity to really learn in an immersive setting with high-level professionals, getting to play with talented students from across the region, and to keep playing their instruments over the summer,” Magno said.

Magno explains that jazz is a fun type of music to learn and play.

“[Jazz] allows for a different kind of energy and creativity when playing, and the ensembles are a unique kind of interactive. Plus the music itself is fun,” she explained. 

Junior band student Jared Houston explains what techniques he has learned at band camp in the past.

“I got to learn new drum techniques that I’ve never done before, such as Latin drumming. For most, I thought that it would take me days to learn, but instead, it took me minutes to get it right,” Houston said. “You get to play with others who have similar interests, similar to a community band. You also get to see familiar faces over the summer, which rarely happens to me.”