Spring Choir Performance Brings Joy to Audience

Some of the musical numbers at the concert won awards at recent competitions


Henry Sartain

Members of the Wolz Miscellaneous Ensemble fill the audience with joy with their singing and humor as they perform a piece called “Sixteen Tons.”

Henry Sartain, Reporter

The one thing that everyone loves is music and the performers who express themselves with that music.

On March 14, the school choirs gave their concert of the spring titled “Open the Door.” This concert was meant to bring happiness to those who felt sad and needed to feel some joy, and that is what they delivered. The choir gave a spectacular performance involving solos and group numbers.

“I was really proud of the energy and confidence that each choir exhibited,” choir director Mr. Carter Datz said. Datz teaches choir, guitar and AP Music Theory. Some of the music performed in the concert included pieces that won both gold and silver medals in competitions.

“There’s two different contests that we competed in. One is for solos and small ensembles and that’s when you heard some of the solos and small groups (March 14),” Datz said. “Those were all the people that got all gold medals at district level and are moving on to state. The large groups – Chamber and Select Treble – they competed at the full large ensemble contest.”

Chamber won the gold medal and Select Treble won the silver medal at the ensemble concert earlier this month. Mr. Datz could not be more proud of his students for all their hard work and knows that the state competitors will put on a great show.

Mr. Datz leads the Concert Choir at the spring concert “Open the Door.” (Henry Sartain)

Mr. Datz isn’t just working with students. He is also assisted by his student teacher, Rebekah Anthonis. Ms. Anthonis was originally at McKelvey Elementary (Parkway) where she learned about elementary schools and then she came to Liberty. She started as a student teacher in February and has assisted Mr. Datz by running rehearsals in Concert Choir and leads warm ups and other classes.

Ms. Anthonis conducted one of the songs during the performance and led the rehearsal for that song. She has even worked with some of the students who will be going to state.

“I did some work with them to help prepare and vocal coaching which was really fun,” Ms. Anthonis said. Ms. Anthonis’ major is vocal music education and hopes to be a choir teacher or an elementary general music teacher. She has no objection to teaching any age groups as long as she gets to teach the kids about the art of music.

The program of the spring concert displaying all of those who performed in choir’s regular groups. (LHS Choir)

One of the most experienced singers at the school is senior Anna Wright. Wright started to find an interest in singing during third grade at Discovery Ridge Elementary. Not only was the school an influence, but she also claimed that her grandmother encouraged her to sing. Wright was one of the few to be given a solo during the performance.

“I think it went well. I have a lot of fun with it and I’m glad that Mr. Datz gives us the opportunity to perform like that in front of a bunch of people,” Wright said. Wright has given thought about a music career and has decided to go to Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Massachusetts. She will be working in musical theater once she graduates so that she can perform for herself and others.

“I like that it brings people together and I like that you can express yourself in a way that words can’t really do justice to,” Wright said. “It helps a lot of people deal with things going on in their lives.”

One of the new choir members is Gavin Block. Block began to develop a passion for singing in elementary school and joined the Concert Choir this year. He was one of the few who were given a solo.

“I feel like I did generally well. I was really excited to be able to perform that for a lot of different people,” he said. Block will be performing his solo at state with the others who will also perform. Block has considered going into a music program in the future but is not quite sure. What he does know for sure is that he loves being in choir and working with the other performers. “It’s a really cohesive community,” he said.