Walch Takes Home the Win as Mr. LHS

Eight contestants compete and showcase their talent

Anna Simms


Sydney Davis

Nolan Walch stands in shock as he was announced as the winner of Mr. LHS.

Rynell Ipema, Reporter

Students, teachers and families gathered in the auditorium on Friday, April 28 to watch one of the best events Student Council puts on. Mr. LHS is a fun opportunity for the senior guys to showcase their hidden talents, best dad fits, awesome dance moves and just their overall spirit and love for Liberty. 

This year, Nolan Walch (Mr. National Honor Society) was crowned Mr. LHS with Mr. Congeniality being Ryan Casteel (Mr. Student Body). Both boys practiced very hard, not only at home, but backstage too. 

Walch says he prepared by going to all the rehearsals and doing some at-home research and practice. 

“After all, I didn’t think I was going to win. The performances and just doing Mr. LHS was totally out of my comfort zone,” Walch said. “I would highly recommend Mr. LHS to the upcoming seniors because it will be one of my favorite memories from high school.” 

This year, Student Council made the decision to highlight the boys who were most well known in their certain sport or activity. All sports and activities coaches were emailed about who showed the most spotlight or biggest impact on the team the past four years, but only eight responded. With there being eight contestants, it was still pretty challenging for the judges and the audience to figure who they thought was best fit for Mr. LHS. 

Mrs. Church, secretary, mentioned that she loved being a judge for Mr. LHS. 

“I was looking forward to seeing students have fun,” Mrs. Church said. “All of the students did an awesome job and I would definitely be a judge again in the future, if needed.”