‘Peaches’: Jack Black’s Return

Taylor Koehnemann, Reporter

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has finally released in theaters, making almost a whopping $1 billion in the box office. The film has even become one of the world’s top 10 highest grossing animated movies of all time. While “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” continues to zoom through milestone after milestone, there’s one major thing that helps to carry the film through its achievements. That major piece is Jack Black who plays Bowser in the film.

Jack Black is a notable actor who almost always does an incredible job in the films he plays a role in. This time around, Black did a fantastic job playing Bowser. He has many humorous moments in the film that make him a very likable character to audiences. Out of every moment Black had in the film, the most popular of the bunch was the “Peaches” song he sang in the movie. Audiences everywhere enjoyed the solo by Black. 

The song ended up becoming incredibly popular, with over 15 million views on Youtube of the official music video that was made for its popularity and over 5.8 million streams on Spotify.

Another question comes into play here; What makes “Peaches” so popular?

One large factor is the “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” itself being super popular. After all, Mario is an iconic character, being one of the faces of gaming. Illumination also had part in making the movie, and like most of their movies, they get an incredible amount of money in the box office.

Another factor is the song itself and its tone. The song consists of easy-to-remember lyrics and a dramatic performance by Jack Black which fits with the tone of Bowser in the film. Bowser sings from the bottom of his heart for Princess Peach in the movie, saying at the end of the line he will marry Princess Peach, which is his motive throughout the film. 

Before Black started the song, he originally said he didn’t want to do it for the movie because he said, “I didn’t feel sure about the inclusion of the melody,” but after a while, he came back to it and agreed to do the song.

With the popularity of the song and its music video, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” did an amazing job in the box office with its sales. This inevitably brings the question, if Jack Black never ended up doing “Peaches” for the film, would that have affected the movie or the popularity of his role?